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Eli-- My Take on the movie with spoilers!

What are three things that every person desires?
Health, wealth, and love. These are the three basic things everyone requires to live a fulfilling life, and a wish we give on important occasions.
Love once received, and then gone doesn’t diminish the hope that you will never get it again.
Wealth too can be gained as lost, then gained again.
Health: once you catch a chronic illness, may not necessarily heal you to the point that you feel completely fit again.

Eli is about, well, Eli, a boy suffering from an autoimmune disorder. The air that we breathe and take for granted is toxic for him and he must remain in a suit at all times.

Then comes the miracle the parents have been hoping for. Dr Horn invites them to her clean house where Eli can be treated.
With hopes that he will heal and be able to breathe in the fresh air, Eli shows extreme courage as he is out through treatments where the doctor informs him that she will inject a virus into him that will modify the defected gene causing his dis…

Diwali Superstitions

India is known to be a home of many superstitions. In fact, there are some superstitions related to days of the week, and even times during the day when you must perform important work. That means, there is a time in the day which is inauspicious and you must do nothing then.  These superstitions are perpetuated and even encouraged in the daily newspapers.  Especially during the festivals, there will be articles on which color a particular person of a zodiac sign should wear.  Everyone goes through bad days and desperation calls for a belief that may not seem logical.  After all, to a lot of people, what harm can wearing white on Thursday do? 
But it is when these superstitions lead to harmful practices, that it can be a problem.
During Diwali, there is a belief fostered by some people, that if you sacrifice an owl, it will bring luck and prosperity to your house. 
How? Well, Goddess Laxmi is worshipped on Diwali as she is the goddess of wealth. She sometimes travels by owl and people think …

Creepy Legends: The Midnight Bus

The Midnight Bus

If you’ve ever traveled by public transport, you know how wearisome it can be. There are the long lines, the rush to get into the bus, not finding seats, and being pressed against the other passengers during peak rush hours.
So it would seem logical that late at night, the haste to return home wouldn’t be hindered by the hassles of traveling by public transport, right? 
People would have already taken the evening bus and the late night bus would virtually be empty enough to rest your weary body.

Well, according to an urban legend, that was not the case for two passengers in China who took the midnight bus.

On November 14th 1995, a young man boarded the last bus to Fragrant Falls. Now the legend has many variations so in some, the bus took the route that was either 302 or 375. Also, the second passenger to get in was either an old man or old woman; depends who you hear the legend from.
In most of my basic research, it was an old man who took the ill-fated bus.
Anyway, right a…

Popular Halloween Costume this year

Every Halloween, people tend to dress up as their favourite characters to enjoy the holiday. It's the one day, where you can be someone else for a few hours at least.  Kids dress up as their favourite superheroes, cartoon characters, and fairytale characters. Adults have a lot of options. We have social media, TV, and streaming services that have a variety of shows and of course, hundreds of characters to choose a favourite. 
This year, there have been plenty of big-budget movies to base a costume on. Avengers, IT, Chucky, and even the Disney movies that were given the "live-action" treatment. 
However, based on my really basic research, the most popular costume showing up on e-commerce sites is Salvador Dali Money Heist Costume. 
Money Heist is actually a Spanish crime drama and the original title is La Casa de Papel. The show was acquired by Netflix some years ago and now has become hugely popular. 
Sometime in the last season, the characters began wearing red jumpsui…

Scary Stories to tell in the Dark-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

As a growing teenager, my interest in horror was mounting, and I picked any book that even remotely had a horror scene in it.
Luckily, at that time, wonderful series like Goosebumps and Fear Street were on the rise.
On any occasion, and especially my birthday, I would ask for a young adult novella. I must have read each Goosebumps and Fear Street story at least thrice.
I did hear of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark but never read it.
Fortunately, now everything and I mean everything, is being made into a movie.

Scary Stories... is kind of like the books I grew up with. The stories are good but only when watched by budding teenagers.

The movie takes us back in time in 1968. It’s Halloween and a trio of friends: Stella, Chuck and Auggie, want to play a prank on the town’s bully Tommy.

They manage to pull it off but then Chuck sees his elder sister Ruth with Tommy and muddled up.

The trio hides in the drive-in theatre and get into a car that belongs to a drifter, Ramon.

After they are saved from…

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In the tall grass— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Do you dream of an escape from the city? A break from all the hustle and bustle? A vacation where you are surrounded by nothing but nature?
If you do, DO NOT go to a place where there are grass fields. You never know what is hiding in there, or if is a landing site for aliens or, if the grass is evil.
Yes, there is a new evil in town: grass.
In the Tall Grass, grabs your attention in the very first scene. You start to care about the characters, you're mystified by the happenings, and you genuinely want them to survive.
Unlike some thrillers which stretch the first act before coming to the good part of the story, this movie will have you in its clutches within ten minutes.
The movie begins with Becky and Cal driving to San Diego. Becky is pregnant and apparently, the father isn't in the picture which is why she's thinking of giving the baby up for adoption.
Can is the doting brother who is ready to do whatever it takes to make his sister happy.
They pass by old buildings, come to …

Forest of the Dark


Five friends find themselves trapped in a forest when they get into a car accident. Separated from each other, the only way out is to face their deepest fears. What they don't realize is that one of them is hiding a terrible secret. 

Haunt--My take on the movie with spoilers!

As a millennial, I have to admit: I have my phone with me at all times.
Not that I'm glued to the screen, but I find immense security in having it in my pocket or purse.
Why? Because over the years, smartphones have become a gateway not only to connect with people but pretty much making sure that you are reachable and never get lost.

Its not even about calls anymore, but because of the numerous apps that never make you feel lonely or bored.
So if anyone asks me to give up my phone to enter any place or partake in any activity, I'm going to lie, keep my phone on silent and hide it in my pockets. Or socks.
Haunt begins with a scene where someone is tying a taut red wire across a door. Someone if setting up a trap.
In the next scene, we meet Harper, a woman trying to avoid calls from her boyfriend as she applies makeup to her bruises.

It's Halloween and her best friend Bailey, uses Harper's phone to text a breakup message to the abusive boyfriend.

Then she convinces her to go to …

Creepy Legends: Kashima Reiko

Here's another urban legend based on going to the bathroom.
Apparently, your first reaction on seeing a ghost in the bathroom shouldn't be screaming. Rather, your encounter with a ghost involves answering questions the right way or losing your life.

According to a legend, a girl called Kashima Reiko once fell on the railway tracks at the Meishin Expressway and had her legs cut off. Now her ghost keeps searching for the lower half of her body.
But instead of searching them at the tracks, she haunts bathroom stalls.
Now supposedly, if you see her, she will ask you where her legs are.
You're supposed to keep calm and answer, "The Meishin Expressway."
She will then interrogate by asking who told you this and you have to reply with her name: Kashima.
She will then proceed to ask if you know her name.
DO NOT say her name. Instead, reply with: Mask Death Demon.
Hearing that, she will leave you alone.
If you don't reply with the correct answers, she will rip you apart the same…

The First Horror Film Ever Made

Ever wonder which was the first ever horror film?
In 1896, Georges Méliès directed and produced a short silent film called "Le Manoir du diable" (translation: House of the Devil).
At three minutes running time, the film was considered to be ambitious for its era and was given a pantomime feel to it.
Three minutes to tell a story? Yes, it can be done.
The story basically is about two cavaliers entering a house and being troubled by the devil who takes on many forms, including a bat. The devil also summons four spectres to spook the men. One of them leaves, then later returns to jump off a balcony.
In the end, the remaining man, finds a crucifix hanging and uses it to get rid of the devil.

There are some questions raised. What were the men doing there? Were they lost? Why did one of them, who runs away after being frightened, returns without help or more arms?
Why was there a crucifix hanging and how was the devil still roaming that area where it was?

Had it been made in today's …

Doll Cemetery-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

You know you're watching a terrible film when the background score is playing louder than the dialogues. Also, if the first scene has bad lighting, and the night scene looks like it's shot in an aquarium, then you know better than to continue watching.
Seriously, all I could think of was why everything was so blue.
Still, I carried on watching because the first scene doesn't necessarily set the tone for the entire film.
Sometimes, things do get better.
In the case of Doll Cemetery, it doesn't.
The story is weirdly out of place and seems to draw inspiration from The  Wicker Man. Especially the last scene.
Anyway, in the first scene, we meet a distressed woman attending a call. She goes in and doesn't turn any of the lights at her home.
Wants something from the refrigerator, no need for the light. Hears something creepy, still no need to turn on the light.
A weird person in a mask hiding in the kitchen, let's continue to keep the lights off and get murdered.
There is cop…