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Escape Room-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

We all like puzzles, don’t we? Riddles, brainteasers, anything that keeps our mind stimulated.

There are plenty of popular games that we download and play because winning them makes us feel smart.

Now imagine getting paid to play these games. Pretty cool, huh? $10,000 is a pretty sweet sum to play a couple of games.

Now, wait. There’s a small catch. You may just lose your life if you don’t win a puzzle.

Still, want to play games?

Escape Room is basically a giant real-life puzzle. You have to use your wits and intelligence to survive.

At first glance, even the characters believe they are in a safe zone. They are shown risks, but they assume that no one will actually get hurt because, surely, the company who created these games won’t risk a lawsuit.

Except they simply don’t care. The mysterious game master wants nothing better to do than to show games to his elite clients and have them gamble on who will survive.

In the first scene, we see Ben trying to escape a puzzle only to have the walls cl…