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Wounds-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Just in case you thought a wound was an opening to whatever gooey, gristly thing is inside you, well, here comes a movie to make you freak out about every cut you may get.

Wounds has plenty of drama and every sentence is punctuated with a profanity. It’s actually a story about a guy, Will, who owns a bar. Basically, he takes everything for granted and doesn’t care much about his surroundings.
He’s the kind of guy who gets everything and wants to sustain this mediocrity. Except, like every human being, he wants more. But that is buried so deep inside him that it takes a weird incident to jolt those hidden desires.
In the first scene, we see evidence of this. Will is at the bar, attending his friend Alicia and her new boyfriend Jeffrey. He has a job at the bar, a girlfriend, and good friends. He should be content right?
Except we see him unsuccessfully trying to hide his disdain for Jeffrey all because he has feelings for Alicia.
There are also cockroaches roaming the bar and Will doesn’t se…