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Popular Halloween Costume this year

Every Halloween, people tend to dress up as their favourite characters to enjoy the holiday. It's the one day, where you can be someone else for a few hours at least.  Kids dress up as their favourite superheroes, cartoon characters, and fairytale characters. Adults have a lot of options. We have social media, TV, and streaming services that have a variety of shows and of course, hundreds of characters to choose a favourite. 
This year, there have been plenty of big-budget movies to base a costume on. Avengers, IT, Chucky, and even the Disney movies that were given the "live-action" treatment. 
However, based on my really basic research, the most popular costume showing up on e-commerce sites is Salvador Dali Money Heist Costume. 
Money Heist is actually a Spanish crime drama and the original title is La Casa de Papel. The show was acquired by Netflix some years ago and now has become hugely popular. 
Sometime in the last season, the characters began wearing red jumpsui…