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Cynthia– my take on the movie with spoilers!

There's something ridiculously humorous about Cynthia. It manages to portray the different shades of characters, the problems in a relationship, and the deformity issues, really well. And wrapped up in dark humor.
You have Robin, desperate to have children to the point she misses out on the fact that her husband may be gay.
The husband doesn't realize he may be gay until he sees his wife being obsessed with becoming pregnant.
Then there are the detectives who can't figure out who the serial killer of a quiet town like Shady Grove is.
The doctors too are more interested in their golf games and hooking up than figuring out what is wrong with Robin.
The scans show a lump next to the baby. Is it a cyst or a twin?
Spoiler alert! It's Cynthia.
The movie begins with a couple sitting at the porch, watching children play. The girl is playing with someone invisible. When the woman asks her son who it is, he replies that Samantha is playing with Cynthia. The couple assumes it'…

All That is Left


Cam—My take on the movie with spoilers!

The internet just got creepier. With many movies focusing on the risks of being overly exposed on social media, here comes a movie with an even shocking theme, albeit a bit unexplained.
Cam follows the life of Alice, a woman who indulges in salacious activities in front of a webcam to an audience of several men who too her if she plays out their kinks. 
With a raunchy theme such as this, thankfully the movie presents the scenes in a decent manner and the focus is more on Alice and her ambition to be number one on the list.
Alice is ready to perform any bizarre activity to climb up the ladder and increase her ranking. 
The day she finally hits top fifty is when things begin to go awry. The day after she performs a risky deed, she wakes up to find herself locked out of her account and the website shows her performing live. Alice is shocked to discover that a woman who looks like her is talking to her clients, earning her money and blocks any messages that rats her out as an impostor.
No one …

All That is Left— Author's Preface

At some point we all stop believing in fairy tales. It happens gradually, unexpectedly. Just one moment can crush any fanciful ambitions we harbor.

I think it must be during the late teenage years. As kids we grow up on fairytale books. As we hit puberty, we become a bit cynical, perhaps more logical. Birds and animals are not going to do your bidding. No matter how many times you sing in the woods, animals are not going to come to hear it. Chances are, you may just alert a beast to come attack you. Slowly, we also discover that even though our parents have worked very hard to provide for our every need, they are not Kings and Queens. Unfortunately, you're not a prince or princess either.

While this fact eliminates most stories, there is the tale of Cinderella who despite all odds, meets the prince, falls in love and gets married. That's how she becomes a princess.

Sadly, that isn't very realistic either but we don't realize that until much later. Let's face it, t…

Horror reads for the holidays!

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Mara— My take on the movie with spoilers!

The weird thing about horror writers (me included) is that we try to find a way to twist ordinary things into something that can give others the jitters. And sometimes, when horror writers run out of ideas, the easiest way to overcome that writer's block is to simply flip the things that other people consider as simple, good and pure. 
After all, the antonym of good is evil.
Which is why there will always be little girls cast to play the possessed or evil. Or why dolls are made evil. Literally everything we take for granted, can be twisted into something evil. 
All that was left was sleeping.
Imagine not being able to sleep, not because you would be hounded by a man in a red and black striped sweater who has knives for fingers. No, Mara brings in a new terror: sleep and you won't be able to move and have to helplessly watch a creature suck your soul out.
Mara is about a creature, made to look like a tall, lanky woman, who becomes visible only when someone experiences sleep par…

All That is Left excerpt

“I can’t get over what
happened in high school. I can’t understand how you were
able to. That incident refuses to leave my thoughts.”
Shanaya narrowed her eyes. “What are you talking
about?” she asked incredulously. “Of course I think about it
every day, but I also know that it wasn’t my fault. I had
nothing to do with what happened to her.”
“It was our fault,” Aaron told her and dropped her
hands. “If Misha hadn’t seen us together, she wouldn’t
have walked away from the school. She would have waited
for her father to pick her up, but she was so brokenhearted
that she...she was kidnapped because of what we did to
Shanaya shook her head. “No, Aaron. You have to
stop blaming yourself and me for that. We couldn’t have
predicted that she would be taken.”
“She was your best friend. Don’t you feel any
remorse?” Aaron asked.
Shanaya crossed her arms. “I did. But I didn’t have
the foresight to see what was going to happen next. Neither
did you, Aaron. I refuse to li…