All That is Left— Author's Preface

At some point we all stop believing in fairy tales. It happens gradually, unexpectedly. Just one moment can crush any fanciful ambitions we harbor.

I think it must be during the late teenage years. As kids we grow up on fairytale books. As we hit puberty, we become a bit cynical, perhaps more logical. Birds and animals are not going to do your bidding. No matter how many times you sing in the woods, animals are not going to come to hear it. Chances are, you may just alert a beast to come attack you. Slowly, we also discover that even though our parents have worked very hard to provide for our every need, they are not Kings and Queens. Unfortunately, you're not a prince or princess either.

While this fact eliminates most stories, there is the tale of Cinderella who despite all odds, meets the prince, falls in love and gets married. That's how she becomes a princess.

Sadly, that isn't very realistic either but we don't realize that until much later. Let's face it, there aren't many princes and princess, your chance of meeting one is little and a their family accepting a commoner...not very likely.

Still, we decide to compromise. If not royalty, then at least someone who will love us forever. Or at least be loyal. Now imagine having that illusion shatter into a million pieces. As we age, and move into our twenties, thirties, forties, fifties... we come to realize that most people came never be trusted, if not all.

That bitterness and cynicism can erode happiness and affect mental health.

This is where writers come in. We are here to entertain, to show reality but also mask it with hope.

Bad things happen everyday and no amount of a change in perception is going to alter the facts. But, we can take a break. Allow ourself a break. For that half an hour in a day, we owe it to ourselves to be entertained and be happy.

Books are a great way to immerse yourself in, to face harsh realities but believe that things can go right every once in a while. Writers are known to work with miracles.

All That is Left is my magnum opus. It is a story I've told from the heart and one I'm immensely proud of. I have worked two years on it, and researched for it for a long time. It's about real characters who feel joy, pain, betrayal, and acceptance.

It's about finding closure, fighting for what is right, and for what you believe in.
The characters all face up to their predicaments and show courage, especially at times when it seems so difficult to do so.

The story may have themes of psychology but I've taken inspiration from a very basic philosophy about life: no matter how bad the situation, burying your feelings under layers of denial is never going to help.

All That is Left, is my bravest attempt at writing. I've put my heart, soul and tears into it. It is also the longest book I've written so far and that itself is an accomplishment to me because it means I've faced the challenge to keep the interest going in every chapter.

I promise there isn't a single dull moment in this tale of revenge, love and justice.

Get it now on Amazon: ALL THAT IS LEFT 


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