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Haunt--My take on the movie with spoilers!

As a millennial, I have to admit: I have my phone with me at all times.
Not that I'm glued to the screen, but I find immense security in having it in my pocket or purse.
Why? Because over the years, smartphones have become a gateway not only to connect with people but pretty much making sure that you are reachable and never get lost.

Its not even about calls anymore, but because of the numerous apps that never make you feel lonely or bored.
So if anyone asks me to give up my phone to enter any place or partake in any activity, I'm going to lie, keep my phone on silent and hide it in my pockets. Or socks.
Haunt begins with a scene where someone is tying a taut red wire across a door. Someone if setting up a trap.
In the next scene, we meet Harper, a woman trying to avoid calls from her boyfriend as she applies makeup to her bruises.

It's Halloween and her best friend Bailey, uses Harper's phone to text a breakup message to the abusive boyfriend.

Then she convinces her to go to …