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We are what we are- My take

Just say 'horror movie' and I'll watch anything. Okay, truth be told, just say those two words and I'll go and check out the title on Imdb and find out how much gore would be in it.
That's what horror movies are synonymous with- Gore. Lot's and lot's of blood and guts splashing about. My definition of horror does not include gore. Horror should be something that scares you and has the possibility of giving one recurring nightmares. Horror movies should be so scary that one shouldn't be at the edge of a seat but cuddled up in a corner of one and shivering under a blanket.
Popcorn should be sitting in a bowl in the side and getting cold because the very thought of putting one in your mouth should make one terrified.
Horror movies should make you want to check out your surroundings every two minutes to make sure that everything is still intact and that the furniture hasn't moved while you were distracted or that creak you heard wasn't from someone…