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The Grudge-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

When someone dies in a fit of extreme rage or sorrow, a curse is born in that place. Anyone who encounters it is haunted by that curse until their death. In these cases, the victims usually just kill themselves, unable to bear the horror that comes with the haunting.

An interesting premise, right? The original Japanese movie, even the 2004 version one, had elements that kept you glued to the screen.

What was scary about the movie was the freaky rattling sound emerging from the ghost’s throat. That’s the one thing that stood out. Yes, the visuals were there, but it was the sound that made your heart jump.

Coming to the 2020 version, and, spoiler alert, the movie falters miserably. Because here’s the thing, the movie doesn’t set up the story effectively, and we simply don’t see the ghosts that are haunting the victims. They just seem possessed and go on a killing spree before killing themselves.

At one point, one of the characters states that he cannot bear to look at the ghosts anymore and…

Cruel Peter-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Cruel Peter is the darkest movie you will ever see. And no, it isn't because there are a lot of gory, disturbing scenes. It's because the director forgot to hire a lighting crew.
The biggest problem with the movie is that most of the scenes are shot at night and you have to push your head forward, stare at the scenes to understand what is happening. Of course, peering, or sitting right in front of the screen isn't going to help, but habitually, you will end up doing before realizing all the scenes are badly shot without light.
I get that some moviemakers use this trick to conceal the low-budget special effects, but instead of simply dimming the lights, the lights are completely off here. How are the characters even seeing in the dark, you wonder.
The story begins in 1908, Messina Italy. Peter is a delinquent who relishes in hurting people and small animals.
When he goes after a boy’s dog, the boy decides he’s had enough of Peter’s cruelty and needs to be taught a lesson. …

The Devil's Machine (Automata)-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

If you're looking for a movie that will give you the experience of a theatre play, then this is the movie for you.
Also known as Automata, you will be taken back to a bygone era, where there used to be battles, soldiers with muskets and attached bayonets, men in powdered wigs, and their peculiar taste in least according to the movie.
Yes, it is implied that the soldiers and generals liked to play with dolls in their free time.
And if they can move on their own, that’s even better.
But this is a horror movie, and a moving doll can only spell trouble.
After a peculiar battle scene, we are introduced to a stepfather and stepdaughter: Dr Brendan Cole and Rose.
Brendan has written a book on the Infernal Princess, the clockwork doll who is thought to be cursed. He is invited to detect the authenticity of a doll found in the mansion where the General who ordered the creation of the doll lived.
Dr Brendan conducts a few tests and yes, the doll moves her hand when she is off…

True Fiction-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

As a writer, what I wouldn’t give to work with my favorite author. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn everything I can from the master of horror because at some point I do feel like I could use a bit of guidance.

But if the question arises of how desperate I am to work with the author, if I’m ready to accept all of their eccentricities, and willing to participate in their experiments...

Maybe I may just let go of this opportunity. Especially after watching True Fiction.

The movie begins with Avery being interviewed by an unimpressed woman and an eager man.
Avery pretty much tells them she is ready to do anything just to work with Caleb Conrad, a renowned author who needs help with his new book.

The interviewers don’t seem too enthused to hire her and Avery is dead sure she hasn’t landed the job, particularly when she notices them both outside at the parking lot, arguing.

The next day, as she is working at the library, she receives a call that she has been hired.

Ecstatic, …

Black Christmas-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Over the past few days, every movie I’ve picked to watch has been about gender inequality.

The female characters are made aware of their actual place in society. Some of them revolt, others give a fitting reply and take a mature stance.

Black Christmas was not one of the movies that highlighted the issue of gender inequality well.

In fact, it was uncomfortable to watch because the creators tried too hard to show that no, women are superior beings who are ridiculed and suppressed by society.

There’s a point in the movie when one of the male characters stands up for himself and states how unfair it is that all men are lumped together as one just because one man did an unspeakable thing. His reward? He’s unceremoniously thrown out of the house and snubbed by his girlfriend.

Later, when he returns to apologize to his girlfriend and tries to help her friends when they are under attack, he makes a big ruckus and is killed for it.

Yes, male characters in this movie are shown to be dumbos who, when…

Color out of Space-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

If you ever want to watch a movie that will leave you with one eyebrow raised, mouth agape and your mind whirling, this is the one to watch.

Color out of space an easily be defined as one weird movie. Everything is all jumbled toward the second half and honestly, the ending will leave you flabbergasted.

The movie is about a family, The Gardeners, who have taken their last names a little seriously and taken some sort of exile in a place untouched by the progress made in the twenty-first century.

However, the husband, Nathan, is the only one who is actually into it. You can see his wife, Theresa, his sons, Benny and Jack, and his daughter, Lavinia, being frustrated by the lack of proper technology.

In fact, Lavinia resorts to witchcraft to ask whoever is listening to take her away from here. In a way, she gets her wish.

The Gardeners have a horse that disappears after the first scene, a herd of Alpacas, and a dog. The Alpacas are not used for their fibre but for their milk. Nathan also has a…

Dark Light--My take on the movie with spoilers!

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the city life and just go live in a remote place, far from everyone who keeps interfering in your life?

But what would you do for a living? Well, how about farming? Grow your own food. No need to visit groceries on a regular basis then, right?

Unfortunately, if you have a farm, that’s basically a haven for monsters and aliens. It’s okay though, if you have a shotgun stuffed somewhere in your house.

Dark Light could have pretty much been called blinding light. Seriously. The monsters or aliens or whatever they were, have huge spotlights serving as their head. And for some reason they don’t directly attack the owner of the house. They stalk for a couple of days, then get inside the house to play hide and seek.

But for anyone else, they attack almost immediately. No games there.

The story starts with Annie being interrogated by the sheriff on the disappearance of her daughter.

A flashback shows Annie moving into her childhood home with her daughter Emily after…

I See You-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

I’ll never understand why horror movies are based on families with large houses. The perplexing issue here is not that story writers find potential in throwing a scary scene here or there, but the fact that these families own houses so big they have no idea what is going on inside.

Okay, before I get on with what could be hiding in your house, who cleans these houses? You never see a single maid around. The parents are working, the teens show no interest or inclination toward cleanliness.

Still, we never see a dust bunny in the house, no stains on the sink. No hair on the tiles, not even a footprint. A little water on the kitchen floor, you step on it, and it leaves tracks everywhere. And what about the grease accumulation in the kitchen?

No matter how careful you are, unless you don’t spend a few minutes at least every day to clean, the house will look a mess.

Yet, in movies, the carpets look like they are just vacuumed, the windows don’t have a smear, the tiles are spotless.

And the fami…