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Road less traveled

It's not easy to follow a path that has been condemned by those close to you. As your journey leads your further, you encounter a dilemma when the road splits into many directions. Going back is the safest option, but taking a step forward is an act of courage that is deemed foolish by those who have shied away from taking chances- or those who are just cynical. Finding your way is the hardest part in the intricate pattern of life because we must not only deal with our own inner conflicts, aka the voices of reason in our head, but also deal with people who would do anything to hold us back. Some don't want you to get hurt and others just don't want you to taste success. In the end , it is the choices we make but that fork in the road doesn't help us make a quick decision. There are just too many possibilities; things cannot just go simply right or wrong- they could even work out in the initial stages and then end in disastrous results. Or things could fail immediately …


For writers, creativity is usually on strike causing days and weeks to go by without a single word typed on a page.
A writer is inherently creative but in order for that creativity to flow and function as an articulate piece, motivation is keenly desired and required.
Writing can seem like a tedious task without motivation and it's not easy for the writer to deal with a creativity block.
So why do writers sometimes suffer from lack of motivation? 
Well, most of it has to do with how well their previous writing pieces or books have been received by their audience. If they've made good sales on their books or appreciated for their hard work, they will jump back into writing their next masterpiece.

A negative review or a lack of response to their articles and posts will discourage the writer and they will be disinclined to return to their writing.
Other times , receiving feedback in no way impacts the writer's motivation. Sometimes it's a dry spell the writer inadvertently goes…