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The Ninth Passenger--My take on the movie with spoilers!

When you come across a movie title, often, you'll check the reviews and make up your mind on whether or not to give it a watch.

Horror movies have a terrible reputation for some reason. Not many movies get a solid seven or eight on review sites.

Even a 5 is rare.

So, if I see a movie with a three-point rating, I watch it and yes, there are times when I actually enjoy the movie and feel the rating was unjust.

The Ninth Passenger does deserve the rating it has got on review sites, unfortunately.

The problem isn't with the tacky effects. Even the acting is passable.

The issue lies with the different storylines thrown together. There is Malcolm who is meeting a woman for the first time after chatting on a dating app. But he's a cook on the yacht. He pretends to be Marty whose father owns a big corporation. The yacht belongs to him but Marty takes it for a ride when his girlfriend catches him talking to another girl and he wants to get back together with her.

There are Jess and Nicole…