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Exclusive Chapter from my new novel AADITA

From Chapter Thirteen
Raina pushed open the car door and got out. So far the day had been the most enjoyable one she had so far. Everything had been perfect and she couldn’t remember the last time she had so much fun. But she should have known her happiness never lasted for long.
She clutched the door to the car and stood staring at Ahan as he sauntered towards his own cabin, pausing suddenly and then racing towards the door.
“Ahan?” she called, but he rushed into the cabin without replying.
She looked on her right at the small lake and closed the door behind her. Ahan’s cabin was the only one  beside the lake and she imagined that months ago, or even weeks before, the cabin must have looked beautiful, sitting beside such an idyllic setting.
But now, the cabin looked as if it had been ravaged by cruel intentions. The windows were either cracked or broken; the entire outside wall had been scrawled on with graffiti and the wooden railings had been smashed. 
Her right hand twitched suddenly th…