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Trick-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

As soon as a movie begins with a definition card, my first thought is, what a display of pompous nonsense.
I actually feel the makers are trying too hard to seem smart and looking down upon its audience by explaining to them what their movie is about.
Because on their own, no one is going to understand the storyline.

Many such movies have failed to deliver a good viewing experience.

Trick, however, is a pleasant surprise.

This time, when the definition comes in, its sole purpose isn’t to provide knowledge but to deliver a hint.

The movie begins with a group if high school kids at a Halloween party. They are all in costumes, playing spin the knife instead of spin the bottle.

There is a guy dressed in black, wearing a jack o lantern mask. When the knife points at him, he’s cheered on and called Trick. He beckons the boy sitting across from him, then stabs him before anyone can blink. From there on, he starts attacking the other kids.

Before more people can be attacked, Cheryl calls Trick from b…