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The Wake-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

The Wake will make it hard for you to stay awake.
It’s a low budget movie, and that’s not the problem; there are plenty of movies out there that are engaging and well-written and well acted. The Wake struggles, however, because not only is the story ridden with plotholes, but it has trouble identifying itself as a horror movie.
It is both intentionally and unintentionally funny.
The movie starts with a really badly acted scene of a woman climbing up the steps of what we are to assume the cellar. Then she sobs and screams. I almost turned it off when I saw how bad the scene and acting was, nevertheless, I was a little intrigued by the summary and gave it another chance.
The next scene shows a group of five friends arriving at a villa. Apparently, we are taken back to the start of the day when the woman from the first scene is accompanied by her friends to attend a wake. And now guess what? They are attending a wake of a little boy one of the guys killed in a drunk driving accident.