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The Shed--My take on the movie with spoilers!

Vampires plus High School equals to?

No, not Twilight or The Vampire Diaries, where there were no bullies. Where harmony prevailed and anyone who looked weird wasn’t made fun of.

Bullies from any other teen movie would have made fun of pale looking, sun-fearing people.

No, The Shed centres around a monster with vampire traits who takes refuge in, well, a shed.

Basically, we see a man running in the forest from a monster, who is then bitten and turned into a monster who sizzles in the sun.

He finds the closest shelter which just happens to be a shed belonging to Stan’s grandfather.

We then move on to Stan’s story, a seventeen-year-old who is plagued by nightmares. Seriously, the movie might well have been called Stan’s Nightmares.

And he doesn’t have ordinary ones. He seeks nightmares inside nightmares.

Another interesting thing to note about this movie is the overuse of plaid. Literally, every main character is wearing plaid, to the point, Stan’s pillowcases are plaid too!

In two minutes we se…