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Chrysanthemum flowers are said to be symbols to express grief over death. Although many other countries regard it as cheerful and happy, according to some, the flower is a way of offering condolences to those who have lost a loved one.

If Problem Occurs

A reminder  to myself:

If the WiFi of the computer stops working and the computer becomes ridiculously slow, then go to Device Manager (type in search box), then Network Adapters and then check if there is an exclamation mark on Atheros. If there is, Update or Roll back the driver and if that doesn't work, Restore the whole system using Recovery Solution already on the computer.

Also, make sure to Back up all important files.

TV Heroines

The latest trend in Indian televisions regarding women and marriage is not very encouraging. To show the Hero forcing the reluctant Heroine into a marriage is in no way romantic. I can't believe the writers would even show such scenes that make one hope that later on the Hero/Husband pays for it with some kind of punishment.
Instead, several episodes later and after the Heroine has suffered and emotionally abused,  the writers decide it's time to show love blossoming between the two. How is that even possible? How is throwing out his wife in the cold on the wedding night or blackmailing her with killing her parents, romantic?

How about educating the people instead of showing such rubbish!

Italian Months

Testing my Italian basics.


January: gennaio
February: febbraio
March: marzo
April: aprile
May: maggio
June: giugno
July: luglio
August: agosto
September: settembre
October: ottobre
November: novembre
December: dicembre

Apparently the months are not written in Capital letters. Got March and June wrong :(

Shakespeare fact

Apparently, it is thought that Shakespeare didn't actually write his own plays and that they were probably written by over fifty writers.
I guess it's impossible for anyone to believe that one Author could write Comedies, Tragedies and Romance so successfully.

Feeling Philosophical today

Socrates said : The only thing I know for certain is that I know nothing.

He also believed that the reason we existed was so that we could pursue knowledge and that was the only way we could achieve happiness.

What he meant was that only through knowledge would we be able to find what makes us truly happy.

So I guess I should go on learning then.

Philosophy for Today

Plato believed that our souls consist of three parts and only when they are in perfect harmony can we be good and just.

The Three parts are: The Appetite, The Spirited and The Reason.

The Appetite part of our souls rule our desires. It is the part that makes us desire comfort and satisfaction.
The Spirited Part of us help us act and overcome obstacles. It is also the part that makes us love challenges and therefore makes us more competitive.
The Reason is according to Plato, the most important part of our soul. It is this part that helps us analyze, weigh options and then decided what is better for us overall.

According to Plato, each of these parts play an important part and we must control them accordingly. For example, we must let our Reason decide how much is enough for us so that we do not over indulge.

And that is what I learnt today!