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My First Book- Repeated Lives

Yesterday, I was asked about my writing and then asked what my first book was about. My first story was 'The Challenge'- a short story. Then it was Tina's Gimmick- a novella for middle graders. But my first published book was 'Repeated Lives'.

I still remember trying to send it to publishers, getting rejected, getting some positive feedback that kept my hopes alive. Then I got accepted and I felt so exhilarated.

But surprise, surprise! That publisher went under and my manuscript and rights were returned to me. I gave up hope on ever getting published.

I still remember not wanting to give up on my dream and after allowing myself time to get over this setback, I emailed my submission to a few more publishers and got the very reply I was waiting for from Club Lighthouse Publishing.

I was being offered a contract!!!!

A lot of work went into getting it published. Editing, book art concept...

Finally, a month or so later, my ebook was finally up. Mine. My hard work, my …