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Forest of the Dark- Excerpt

Chapter One

At eleven-thirty at night, everyone was either going home or to a late night party. The city was quiet and the streets were quickly emptying as the traffic lessened. The stall keepers were closing down and counting the earnings of the day before they too would return home.

Sitting under a building on a wooden bench, Preeti watched an old man put a wad of notes in his shirt pocket and get on the bicycle. He would go home where his wife and children were probably waiting for him. That image added to her despair.

Only a month had gone by since Abhi had broken up with her. He had been the love of her life, unfortunately, she hadn’t been his. They had been together for three years and he had professed his love for her every day, along with sweet promises of marriage. She had even found a ring in one of his drawers one day while cleaning out his room.

When a week passed by and the proposal hadn’t come, Preeti had become restless and had asked him straight up if he intended to m…

Forest of the Dark- Promo #2


Forest of the Dark- A clue from my book


Forest of the Dark- Introduction

The scariest book I've written so far! 

While on a road trip, five friends get in an accident only to wake up in a strange forest separated from each other. When they each encounter the creatures that inhabit the forest, they realize they must face their fears in order to find each other and survive the terrors. The only problem is, they are running out of time… Check out my book HERE

The Conjuring 2- my take on the movie with spoilers!

One of the scariest movies of 2016, was supposed to be THE CONJURING 2. As a horror movie buff, I couldn't wait to watch it, and I was seriously hoping for some scares and a gripping story.
Writing horror can be difficult. The first thing, writers must conceive, is an idea that will put their audience out of their comfort zones. It is the one thing that most people take for granted. A house is supposed to be a place where families are supposed to feel safe. Bedrooms are supposed to be a space where one sleeps and spends time in to do just whatever they want to.
We don't want to believe that the one place that we find solace and security in, can also be a ground where evil manifests.
There are plenty of haunted houses stories and movies, so when I began to watch THE CONJURING 2, my initial reaction was, 'oh, another haunted house movie.' Of course the franchise does these movies really well. THE CONJURING was actually a pretty creepy movie and did manage to scare…

New Release!!- Forest of the Dark

Here it is!!!! My new novel is here!

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Coming soon- My new horror novel!!!

My new horror novel is going to be released soon! This isn't the official cover, of course. Just a clue of what it is going to be all about. 

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Three murder mystery writers speculate about who killed their colleague, Jasmine.
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Included in this book is a sneak peek of my new novel: Forest of the Dark. Coming Soon!

My New Book Promo!!!


The House on Pine Street- my take on the movie with spoilers!

Truth be told, there hasn’t been a horror movie in quite some time that has the capacity to shake your emotions and make you start seeing things a little differently. The dawn of realization, an epiphany, of your own self and what you thought to be justified, can suddenly be twisted and torn, revealing the dark truth that you never thought could be possible.

How many times have we let our bad experiences affect our lives? How many times have we given ourselves the permission to be angry at things that have been so unfair to us?
I mean, all of us, at one point or another, have experienced our dreams being shattered. We thought we could remain resentful about it. If you’re angry, you should just be allowed to be, right?
The hatred we carry in our hearts towards people who have misused us, it is akin to poison. Sometimes, it isn’t easy letting go of anger, resentment and hatred because the people in question who have put you in that position where you have to feel a myriad of emotion…