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Contemporary Horror Movie (My take)

Over the past few years, the biggest challenge, horror film makers have faced is tackling with the advancement in technology while writing their stories.
Classic horror movies are still well loved and movies set in bygone eras are cherished because they expose a world where the things we take for granted are nonexistent.  If we move to a new house, we rely on recommendations from people on whether or not that area is safe or if the house has any hidden damages. 
When we buy an antique we verify the buyer and the item being sold to us.  All this is achievable and accessible to us through the internet which makes verification convenient to us, but it is this facility that creates problems for writers who want to write a believable and terrifying story.
Which is why I wonder if more and more filmmakers prefer setting their stories in an era where Facebook and Google didn't exist yet.
I went on a horror movie binge a couple of weeks back and watched movies that have cleverly incorporated so…