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Awakened One Night

After waking up in a graveyard with amnesia, Kara must try to piece together her life with the help of her sister. Leena is her only link to her past and the only one who knows what happened, so why is she being so mysterious?
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Francesca and Eliza

Repeated Lives

Predestination- My take on the movie with spoilers

Predestination is one of those movies that you can’t stop thinking about even after a day you’ve watched the movie. Not that the plot is confusing or that it needs to be over-analyzed to comprehend what the story was all about. It is one of those movies that teaches you and touches your heart and you only find that out the second the end credits roll in.
Predestination cannot be talked about without giving away the ending or a crucial part of the story that leaves you shocked. The only way to even begin writing about this movie is that first and foremost, it’s about a complex character with an unusual backstory. This character is strong yet piteous. The experiences this character faces, breaks your heart and when everything is revealed in a gripping climax, it stuns you and then overwhelms you with emotions.
This movie teaches you an important lesson- at the end of the day, only you can love and depend on yourself- a cruel lesson which is exemplified by the lead character. It was a…

The Babadook- My review and my take on the movie

It’s been a long time since there’s been a scary monster horror movie where childhood fears take precedence over the same old and tired clich├ęs of zombies and “found” camera footages. The latter has certainly overwhelmed the horror movies with titles that hardly scare much less entertain. It’s been done a million times now…let it go. I don’t want to see shaky camera angles and someone screaming off-screen or blurry night vision shots that barely provide a gasp of surprise.
These are the kind of movie I tend to shy away from nowadays. Some of them were spooky, but most of them were boring with a capital B. So when I chanced upon the poster of The Babadook, I was immediately intrigued and excited. I was sure that this would be the movie that would bring back the monsters to horror films much like the Blair Witch Project brought about the trend of “lost footages”.
The movie starts of well enough by introducing the characters and the dilemmas. An insomniac mother, who is haunted by a t…


December has finally arrived and with it the contemplation of what all was achieved this year and what promises the New Year will begin. Will it be better than this year? Will it help me achieve the things I want for myself?
Then my thoughts take me a step back to consider all the things that happened this year. This has been one eventful year for me and quite a learning moment as well. Experiences tend to break all the things that you take for granted and show you new ways to support yourself. The toughest lessons are learned; hearts are broken and with it comes a new sense and a new voice that pushes you up- hopefully not to crumble all over again (so quickly at least).
I can’t say that the lessons I’ve learned from this year are over yet. If I have changed and if I have become resilient, then yes the job is done. But if it’s not….ugh, don’t even want to think about that. I’ll retain my optimism for now and think about my expectations for next year…. which is mostly to survive.