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Ghost Stories—My take on the movie with spoilers!

The natural way to understand what we do not, is to seek the truth, the facts.  When we come across a magic trick, we are momentarily fascinated and after the “magic” wears of, we wonder how it is that we have been tricked.  Over the years, some magicians have been brave enough to come forward and reveal a few secrets at the risk of being barred from their secret society.  It is when we learn how a trick is done, that some of the magic wears of. Science is behind everything. Every single trick is explained by laws of physics.
The same is when we come across ghost stories. They sound fascinating, they evoke fear in us, yet we crave to know if they are really true. If someone with credentials, manages to debunk a supposed ghostly incident, we wonder if ghosts do truly exist. 
Ghost Stories is what I would call a psychological drama. Yes, some horror elements are inserted into the storyline but by the end of the movie, all of it seems pointless and not entirely plausible.
The protagonist Profes…

A Second Tomorrow

“I’m an idiot,” Mayara Redders told herself as she flipped a page of a travel book rather roughly, which caused a tearing sound. Her eyes widened as she examined the glossy page and then breathed with relief when she saw that the pages had rubbed against her jeweled ring to cause that sound. “You sure are,” Nikki said, entering the room and turning on the lamp beside the desk. “What are you doing in the dark and in my dad’s office?” Mayara let out a moan and closed the book. Putting a hand under her chin, she let out a dramatic sigh. “I’m a coward.” Nikki raised an eyebrow and fluffed her brown curls. “Kind of.” She shrugged and adjusted the strap of her white lacy gown. “You ruined my plans.” “You shouldn’t be playing cupid for an idiot, anyway,” Mayara groaned. “I can’t do anything right.” “You’re way too harsh on yourself,” Nikki said and removed her pocket mirror. She ran a finger beneath her mouth and then dabbed her lips. “Low confidence will get you nowhere. Now, will you…

Sleepaway Camp-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

There’s a strange delectation to be derived from viewing movies that were released a few decades ago. There were so many interesting stories, so much rawness in filming and in my opinion, filmmakers didn’t shy away from telling a story they wanted to.
Writing can be a very honest profession because truth and passion is what is ultimately reflected in the final product. Without these two elements, any story can fail.
That is why, I have always felt that the eighties produced the best horror novels and movies, although I can’t say I’ve watched or read all the works.
I must have read about Sleepaway Camp when I was doing my research on cult horror movies and though I had come across the spoilers, I still wanted to watch it but couldn’t find a way to do so.
When I finally did, my attention was more on the fashions of that era rather than the story and it wasn’t because I knew the ending. All I could think of was, now I know why they are called “shorts”.
Apparently, in the eighties, short…

Wolves at the door— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Couple of decades ago, there was a dangerous man called Charles Manson who was responsible for unspeakable crimes. The worst part was, he managed to influence people to follow in his footsteps and stalk and kill for him. Prison didn’t stop his terrifying murder spree. 
Wolves at the door, bring forth one of the terrible incidents that have shocked the nation. Carried on by Manson’s cult followers, the film is loosely based on actress Sharon Tate’s murder. This is revealed only when the end credits roll in.
Until then, I had no idea what I was watching. The plot seemed similar to the Purge, Jackals, etc., so I was a bit let down by how slow it was. The movie could be called a short with the running time being just a little over one hour. After the movie was over, all I could think of was that it could hardly be called a movie but instead, a dramatic representation of an actual event. 
Unfortunately, it is hard to connect with the characters and in the end, you only feel sympathy for thos…

Delirium— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Most times, when we think about criminals, we wonder what could possible have prompted them to fall into a life of crime.
More often than not, we blame their circumstances. Perhaps lack of financial security forced them to become thieves. Maybe they were mentally unstable and that’s why they resorted to killing someone.
No matter what, we find safety in the fact that these criminals are caught and made to either go to prison or undergo treatment.
Now what if these criminals come from an affluent family, have what appears to be a functional family and are given whatever they desire? What happens when they turn criminals? Who do we blame?
Delirium is a case of such a family.
We are introduced to Tom, leaving the asylum and being put on house arrest for a month. He is also told that his father passed away just a few days before he was set to be released, allegedly killing himself because he didn’t want Tom to come back.
Accompanied by a parole officer, Tom heads home to his lavish mansi…