Wolves at the door— My take on the movie with spoilers!

 Couple of decades ago, there was a dangerous man called Charles Manson who was responsible for unspeakable crimes. The worst part was, he managed to influence people to follow in his footsteps and stalk and kill for him. Prison didn’t stop his terrifying murder spree. 

Wolves at the door, bring forth one of the terrible incidents that have shocked the nation. Carried on by Manson’s cult followers, the film is loosely based on actress Sharon Tate’s murder. This is revealed only when the end credits roll in.

Until then, I had no idea what I was watching. The plot seemed similar to the Purge, Jackals, etc., so I was a bit let down by how slow it was. The movie could be called a short with the running time being just a little over one hour. After the movie was over, all I could think of was that it could hardly be called a movie but instead, a dramatic representation of an actual event. 

Unfortunately, it is hard to connect with the characters and in the end, you only feel sympathy for those who lost their lives in reality. 

This is a very disturbing story to tell and one that sort of falters. We want to hate the killers, shun them, hope they were punished. What we get to see is the last few minutes of the movie dedicated to characters veiled in shadows. We never get to see their faces and all of their actions are to be assumed.

They infiltrate the home, prowl inside but don’t make contact immediately. They seemed to want to play with the women and are quick to stab the men. 

Somehow it felt like the movie was pointless in a way. The filmmakers wanted to show the dangerous side of the cult yet at the same time couldn’t stomach writing and showing them on screen. Too much time is given on developing a side plot which is one of the characters going back to her parents and her boyfriend professing his eternal love to her which she rejects.

Then there is the neighbor that will frustrate you because all he does is get high and listen to music. When one of the women manages to escape and tap at his window, he doesn’t turn around. For a brief second I wondered why she didn’t run to the other side where he could see her or if there were no windows, why not throw a rock to catch the owner’s attention.

Neither of these things happen. What does happen is each one of them is killed but their murder is not shown so as not to distress the viewer. And you’ll understand why only when it is revealed that the incident was based on real-life events. If that message hadn’t come, and if these characters weren’t based on real characters, this movie would have been a very frustrating experience for a horror movie fan. 

The base is built, we know an attack is going to happen but the execution is as if the filmmakers decided they couldn’t go through with this theme and perhaps they shouldn’t have then. 

What happened to those people was terrible and this movie solved no purpose in bringing that incident to the screen. At the end of every movie, we want some sort of closure to be seen in the story itself. 

Not many people (example: me) was aware of these gruesome murders that had taken place. If the movie dared to show this, they should have shown the cult members also being caught later.

The movie ends so abruptly that the first thing you do, even as the credits are still rolling, is to check on google whether all of this was true and that the cult members were caught or not. 

Scare scale: 1/5


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