Dorothy Mills-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Small towns often have big secrets.

I suppose that has a lot to do with the small population. Everyone knows everyone. If one person does something terrible, it becomes necessary to protect him mostly because, not only would it bring notoriety to the small town and no one would visit it ever, but because one person less would simply shrink the town.
Small towns probably have better friendships and sometimes that means letting a murderer get away with his crime.
In this case, a group of sinners.

The movie begins with a couple rushing upstairs when they hear the screams of their baby. Out for the evening, they leave their charge to Dorothy Mills. Upon reaching the nursery they are met with a horrifying sight.
Their trusted babysitter is strangling their baby.
Cut to the next scene where a bereaved psychologist reads this news in the papers and travels to this quiet little town.
As soon as she arrives though, her car is run over by a group of teenagers who seem hell-bent on harassing her.
With her car broken down, she must now spend more time in the town. She meets with Dorothy and senses her to be innocent. As time passes, however, the psychologist discovers that Dorothy may be a patient with multiple personality disorder.
The personalities that she encounters within Dorothy, intimidate the doctor until she is terrified. The hostile townsfolk do nothing to calm her down. At her wit's end, she discovers another terrifying secret - Dorothy isn't showcasing a mental illness but instead channeling spirits.
This she discovers when Dorothy speaks in the doctor's dead son's voice.
But the terror doesn't end there. Turns out, the teenagers that had run her over are actually dead and using Dorothy to exact revenge for the heinous deed four of the town's men committed.
That's when the truth is brought out. The four men, the sensible Sheriff included, had raped Mary, one of the teenagers and then killed her and her friends before they spoke the truth.
The townsfolk, upon learning this, decide to instead protect their town rather than punishing them for their crime. To do so, they plan to harm Dorothy.
The doctor stands up to protect her, only to have her pushed to the ground. She hits her head and dies.
In the end, we are shown that Dorothy is now channeling the doctor in front of her husband who pleads with her to let go of the girl. She does and Dorothy is finally free.

This movie was, of course, more of a drama than a typical horror movie. But the incident that sparks the change in Dorothy is so cringing and horrific.
Just because a girl dresses the way she does, just because she likes to drink and party, it gives no one the right to touch her even when she explicitly says no to their advances.
No means no, but the true horror is the lengths some men will go to satisfy their pride.
They truly thought Mary was "easy" and they could treat her however they wanted. Taking her against her will was a disturbing scene to watch, especially when it is revealed that the masked men were supposed to be reputable.
Many rapists get away with their transgressions, what these spirits did was nothing. They simply spoke through Dorothy, tried to make her act insane and then tried to intimidate a few villagers.
A proper revenge would have been to scare them, to make them pay for what they did, not trouble a girl and the doctor.
Once the crime was revealed, the sinners should have been punished.

The movie was interesting, a nice twist to the multiple personality disorder theme.
If only the rapists were properly punished would this have been a satisfying viewing experience.


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