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Haunted Places: Al Qasimi Palace

Haunted Places: Al Qasimi Palace, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
Sometime in the 1980s, a royal family spent 500 million dirhams to build a home for themselves. This palace has chandeliers, paintings, extravagant furniture, everything to make this a spectacular home. 
But after the first night itself, the family fled and never stayed there again. 
What could be the reason? Till today, there is no explanation or evidence of a haunting, but that is what the royal family claimed. They were so frightened by what they experienced in one night, that they were ready to leave behind their home and never return. 
Years later, there have been some adventurous and curious people who have ventured inside. 
There is a watchman by the gates who allows anyone looking to solve the mystery of the palace. But does he go in himself? Not at all. 
The neighbors and the watchman claim to have heard wails at night, and children peeking from the windows. 
But those who have gone in, haven’t noted anything supernatural at all.…