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All tangled up

While working on my new story (Horror!) I wrote a pretty exciting cliffhanger for a chapter and now...I'm stuck! No idea what to do with it. But I don't want to delete such a promising plot turn in the story either. I guess there's only one way to overcome this roadblock- RESEARCH!

What happened then

I thought I would never talk about what happened a few months ago and that I would try and move past it and live in the present.  Then I saw this quote on Facebook about you being in charge of your own decisions and the consequences of that. I cannot remember the exact quote but it was something about your problems being your fault. My reaction? REALLY!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Of course I used expletives while saying that but I’m not about to put it here on my “sacred” blog. My point is that there is no way we are responsible for what happens to us. We cannot even try to put up a brave face sometimes when this horrible thing happens that shatters everything inside us. I went through a phase that I wasn’t in control of. I didn’t decide to go through it. When I tried to fight, I was made to lose because that was what the time was at that time. No matter what I did, I failed and I was at a point that everything looked bleak and hopeless. I tried to be happy, in fact I got up every…