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Villains-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

The concept of villainy is to be extremely wicked, have sinister intentions, think of only hurting others, and get what you want no matter what it costs.

The movie Villains shows us that a single criminal act doesn’t label you as a villain. In fact, I’m not sure whether the title fitted any of the characters.

The story is about Mickey and Jules, two amateur criminals who just want to get to Florida. Blue beaches, golden sands, hundreds of seashells...yes, their dream is to live on the beaches and make a living selling seashells.

The only way they can get there is by resorting to holding up a gas station. They just about manage to steal some cash and runaway in a car when they find out they’ve run out of gas.

Yes, they were at the gas station store but forgot to steal gas.

Jules manages to calm down a panicky Mickey and they find a house with a car parked visibly in the garage.

They break-in, start eating the food they find, all the while looking for the car keys. The only place left to look…