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Doodling comics when I should be writing ;)

'Horror Night' now available on Barnes and Noble!

Buy my new horror young adult novella 'Horror Night' from Barnes and Noble. For $2.99 only!
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Dreams can be teachers

Dreams can be wicked teachers. Today's lesson: Never give up! Even if no one is going to help or support you with your dream and you have to do it all alone.

Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship is a beautiful thing. It's easy to meet people and strike a conversation with them, but you only become friends when you let the real "You" show through the veil we all usually put when meeting people for the first time- the kind of veil that displays emotions we don't actually feel or the person that we really are not. Once you find someone that shares the same interests and accepts you for "you" that's when friendship starts. How this friendship lasts over years is a challenge because friends drift apart, get busy in their own lives and the only time you hear from them is a one line text. However, if your friend, despite being busy in their own life, keeps in touch with you through a one line message every now and then through a text, then you know you have a true friend who thinks about you. It's not an easy task being caught up in your life and still maintaining a friendship with someone you went to school or college with, so even a t…

Inside Out- My take on the movie

Ever wonder what goes on inside your head? Or why we feel the things we do? 
Disney's recent animated feature provides an insight into the mind of an eleven year old girl where we are introduced to the five prominent emotions (also characters) of this riveting story. They are: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust. All of these emotions make an appearance as Riley (the human they live in) grows up and faces different situations.
Provided these emotions work together and create a stable working environment, our preteen protagonist Riley, enjoys her life to the fullest- like any idealistic girl of her age.
But there is no story without conflict and the emotions' perfect working system is jeopardized when Riley moves into a new city and school. Now that she is out of her comfort zone, the emotions inside her head strive to maintain stability and keep 'Sadness' from blanketing her emotion all over the cherished memories that have been vaulted. 
However, a haphazard event cause…