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Slender Man— My take on the movie with spoilers!

"You better be careful of Slender Man may catch you."

The first time I heard this from a friend, I had no idea who Slender Man was and I immediately did a quick research on him. At that time, all I saw was an image of a faceless man in a business suit.

The second time was because of the infamous case that involved two young girls. I searched for Slender Man yet again and found an image of him with tentacles sprouting on his back.

The thing about this fictional being is, it doesn't have a proper backstory, only an appearance. Over the years, it has been imaginative minds that have made up creepy stories about Slender Man and yes, they are more frightening than the movie.

The main problem with the movie was that it couldn't quite define how they wanted the monster Slender Man to be. They could have gone many ways with this and instead, ends up being a lackluster story that doesn't make sense.

In one version of the story, Slender Man is thought to lure children and…

All That is Left— exclusive chapter


There was only darkness around her.
Misha had never been afraid of the dark, in fact, as a child she had always insisted that a game of hide and seek be played with the lights out while the other girls her age would deem the game as too frightening, especially when played in an abandoned house.
In all of her seventeen years, Misha had never been afraid of anything, but waking up in pitch black when she was supposed to be home and in the safety of her room, was starting to unnerve her.
She swallowed and blinked her eyes, hoping she would get used to her surroundings and figure out where she was.
The last thing she remembered was walking out of the school gates and searching for her boyfriend. She had asked his friends where he was and none of them answered her. In fact one of them had averted his eyes and then walked away while stumbling over a feeble ‘he must be around here, somewhere’. She should have known then and there that they were part of the deceit, but she had thought…

The Witch in the Window—my take on the movie with spoilers!

The biggest challenge we face is trying to conquer the one thing that we are afraid of. Unfortunately, we must do it every time, everyday, and in moments we least expect will occur. 
More often than not, we must put aside our fear because we have to be strong and courageous for someone else who is depending on us. 
The Witch in the Window is one movie that reminds us that no matter how scared you are, it must be triumphed over for the sake of the people you love. 
The story is about Simon who has bought a house he wants to flip over and sell it for a profit. Deep inside, he is hoping to just renovate it so that he and his family can live there. Yes, Simon is separated from his wife and wishes he could have his wife Beverly back. His son Simon is moody and sulks, but helps his father with the renovations and has plenty of heart to heart taklks with his father.
Fortunately, this isn't one of those movies where the door slams for no reason or eerie loud music plays to announce the arriva…

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Look Away— my take on the movie with spoilers!

What matters most? Looks or confidence?

When we see someone for the first time, we do notice their looks, they way the dress. Personality and their ability to initiate and hold a conversation comes second, doesn't it.

Imagine meeting someone who is good looking but is dull to the core. Now imagine someone with average looks but is someone you can have fun with or have an intellectual conversation.

Which seems more attractive?

Look Away takes a very bold stand where appearances are concerned. But also about self-confidence.

In the end, the only argument it makes is that one cannot possess both attributes.

We are introduced to a timid girl, Maria whose father is a plastic surgeon. Her mother is shown to have no say of her own.
She is left to watch her husband ridicule his daughter about not being careful with her looks.

Maria has a friend Lily who hardly seems concerned about her. She's more interested in publicly making out with her boyfriend Sean who Maria secretly has a crush on.


Rage House

“Nobody saw the wife. Or the children.”
Read the first three chapters

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There's something lurking in the shadows.

Alisha's new house is haunted but that is the least of her problems. Her best friend Neil seems to be growing obsessed with her and wants to be more than friends.

Then one night, he crosses the line.

The shadows aren't happy and Alisha learns a shocking secret about her house.

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The Toybox--My take on the movie with spoilers!

Have you wondered what happens to their lairs when killers are caught?
Do people want to move in there? Do realtors still sell those places? Are they demolished because let's face it, who actually wants to own a place or an object that belonged to someone who kills people?
Perhaps sellers are so concerned about the losses they may incur that they still put these items and homes on sale.
After all, that is where Horror movie ideas take birth.
The Toybox has nothing to do with toys obviously. It's a weird reference to an RV a killer used to kidnap and torture victims. He was eventually caught and killed but his spirit lives on.
What happened to the RV? It wasn't destroyed or anything. It is rented out to an unsuspecting family who wants to have a nice vacation.
They must have planned this the last minute because none of them checks to see whether the RV is working properly or not.
Do the windows open? Nope.
Does the AC work? Nope.
Is there clean water? Nope.
And the radio only plays o…

He's Out There--My take on the movie with spoilers!

You’d think by now people would have stopped indulging in weekend getaways to far away, desolate areas. But nope.
No matter how many horror movies have served as warnings to their audiences, there will still be some who think it is a fantastic idea to take their kids and go to a lake where forget there aren’t any grocery stores or restaurants, there are no hospitals or police stations around. Not for miles.
It’s like horror movies like Sleepaway Camp and Friday the 13th never happened. If there is one thing that should be avoided, it is the lake. Apparently, people who drown in lakes, don’t actually die but come back pissed off and become psychotic killers.
Such is the case of He’s Out There. The movie will have you slapping your head more than give you a fright.
The movie begins with Laura driving off with her two daughters to the lake for a getaway. Her husband promises to meet her up later as he has work to do. You’ve seen enough movies to know the husband’s fate. He’s not going to…