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You can't escape the Forest

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Jigsaw-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

John Kramer aka Jigsaw is back...or is he?
The movie seems routine at first. People are captured and are coerced into making difficult choices. The police are mystified, however. Jigsaw has been dead for ten years so how did his DNA end up under a victim’s fingernails.
Honestly, I thought it was going to be a case of deus ex machina and the answer was going to be ridiculously cheesy. When the climax occurred, I was taken aback. The movie that I thought was cliched and guessable, turned out to have a decent surprising twist. Piece by piece, everything starts to make sense.
A man is found holding a trigger by the police. He is shot before he could divulge any details. Cut to a scene in a creepy locked room where five people are chained with metal buckets on their heads. They are awakened when the chains pull them toward circular rotating saws. A hint is given and one of them realizes that if they sacrifice a bit of blood, they would be let go. She lets the saw cut the skin of her arm a…

This was her destiny!

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New Year, New Book Covers

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When Tara moves into a new town and high school with the hopes of becoming a journalist someday, she doesn't realize that the story that would help her career would be right under her nose. She befriends Rhea, Maya, and Nita who tell her about the mysterious disappearance of Eliza and the suicide of her best friend Francesca. 

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Talia Silverwoods leads an ideal life until one day everything is taken away from her and she is stabbed


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Asylum of Fear-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Asylum of fear
Here’s the thing, Asylum of Fear is actually not a terrible film. There are several low budget movies that take any plot and turn them into a major yawn-fest. The story will start elsewhere, take a time jump and land you in a place and scene that has no relevance to the prologue.
Asylum of Fear has plenty of pros working in its favor. The acting is convincing, the plot isn’t half-bad. Actually, the story isn’t exactly original and will remind you of plenty of movies that were based in hospitals. For some reason, I kept thinking of Session 9 while watching this.
A crew goes into an abandoned asylum thought to be haunted, they encounter ghosts, one by one they all start to die. The thing about this cliched plot is that the actors are a tad relatable and pull you into the story immediately. You do root for them, you want them to survive and find a way out.
But…spoiler alert! They don’t survive. The one who kind of does has an ambiguous ending. He either survived or he was…

Unfolding Nightmare

Excerpt from Forest of the Dark 
 “Sir, should we kill him?” Dhiraj scrambled to his feet. “N-n-no p-please don’t! I’ll do anything you ask me to!” The man lowered his torch and in the moonlight, Dhiraj saw the tall stout man give him a grin. He had straight hair that was combed to side and a long bushy mustache. He was dressed in a maroon shirt with a white tasseled scarf and black pants. “Quiet!” he screamed. “You are not allowed to speak until I tell you too. Do you understand?” “Y-yes...” Dhiraj nodded quickly. “You do know who Sumit is, don’t you?” “Huh?” One of the men pushed him in the back. “You weren’t given permission to speak, and keep your eyes down.” Dhiraj immediately obeyed and shook his head, then nodded. The man, who was apparently the leader, came over and tugged at his hair, pulling his head back. Dhiraj groaned and was rewarded with a slap on his mouth. He growled. “Did you know Sumit had a nefarious uncle?” “I...” Dhiraj shook his head. The man pushed him down …

Here comes 2018

Happy New Year! Last year, in 2017, I watched around seventy horror movies!!
Not many managed to impress me but there were some that had unique storylines and though low budget, were quite entertaining.
Hoping that this year be a great year for horror movies.
As a horror movie fan, can't wait to watch my first movie of the year!