Asylum of Fear-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Asylum of fear

Here’s the thing, Asylum of Fear is actually not a terrible film. There are several low budget movies that take any plot and turn them into a major yawn-fest. The story will start elsewhere, take a time jump and land you in a place and scene that has no relevance to the prologue.

Asylum of Fear has plenty of pros working in its favor. The acting is convincing, the plot isn’t half-bad. Actually, the story isn’t exactly original and will remind you of plenty of movies that were based in hospitals. For some reason, I kept thinking of Session 9 while watching this.

A crew goes into an abandoned asylum thought to be haunted, they encounter ghosts, one by one they all start to die. The thing about this cliched plot is that the actors are a tad relatable and pull you into the story immediately. You do root for them, you want them to survive and find a way out.

But…spoiler alert! They don’t survive. The one who kind of does has an ambiguous ending. He either survived or he was possessed. Who knows.

The one thing that doesn’t work for the movie is the copious amount of blood used in the movie. The actors are literally drenched in it. Next, the supposedly insane doctor is poorly written. He just flips out for no reason and goes on a ‘slitting throat’ spree. And then he has a gun too. Usually, most horror movies stick the villains and demons with one MO, but the doctor uses a knife for one victim, furniture for another and a gun for the others.

Clearly, the doctor hadn’t decided what kind of deranged maniac he wanted to be. Also, it was unnecessary to kill all of the characters in the movie. As it turns out, the lone survivor in the senseless attack, was the one who was living in the hospital and had lost his mind. The ghost nurse was the one trying to warn the investigators about him.

Had the movie outlined what it wanted to be, it would have been a better viewing experience.
Still, the movie is a decent watch considering all the shortcomings. It even has a few intense scenes but not too scary.

Scary scale: 2.5/5


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