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Ruin Me— My take on the movie with spoilers!

As much as I enjoy watching horror movies, I have to wonder, would I like to participate in a horror-themed event and play a character in one of my favorite horror movies? At the amusement park, when you visit a haunted house, you sort of know it's all fake, and that you are in a protected environment. And most importantly, that it will end in a couple of minutes. You'll be back home in no time, so it is easy to dissociate yourself from the whole horror theme. Now, imagine participating in a slasher sleepover. You get your personal items taken away, your cellphones especially. You have a mask drawn over your head and taken to an unknown location.

Once there, you are given a set of puzzles to solve all the while some disturbing events keep occurring around you, designed to freak you out. Are you game? Alex, along with her boyfriend Nathan, go on a horror movie themed camping trip and meet another couple and two guys. After having their personal belongings taken, and kidnapped,…