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Dear Diary...

I think I finally know why I've been putting off writing the next chapter to my novel. I have been busy promoting my latest ebook (The Ensnared- for $2.99 only!), but the real reason is that this story has become closer to me that I had imagined at first.  The story is a compilation of bits of my experiences and my emotions as well and it isn't surprising that I've become even more attached to this story.  Of course, I do love each and every story that I've written so far, but they don't carry my true sentiments. What I mean is that, although I've created the protagonists of each of my stories and like them for who they turned out to be, they never contained even a single molecule of my true self. They were heroines, strong and had sorted out lives. They did have problems, but not as devastating as the protagonist of my new novel has.
'She' went through something that I had to. Granted it was never as bad as 'she' has to go through, but the shad…

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Busy Busy

Busy with Diwali preparations. So tired and can't find the time to write. I did manage to write up a new chapter in my blog though and it hopefully doesn't carry too many mistakes. My novel and another story I was working on will have to wait until the festival ends.

The two chapters I have to work on will be emotionally exhausting and kind of depressing. But the chapters after that in both stories will be the beginning of the road to happiness for my characters.

Change of plans

Two chapters left for completing my first full length novel and I've now decided to change character names. Except that of my protagonist's of course.
It seemed like a good idea at that time, but now after going through literally 2000 names, I'm having second thoughts. Nothing seems to fit well with my character's personalities or the genre of the story.

Still contemplating going through with this idea or not. Decisions Decisions!

Full Moon Nightmare

I HATE full moon nights! I just do. According to a superstition, sleeping under a full moon is bound to bring on nightmares. I NEVER believed that. The moon is supposed to have an influence on us in some way, at least that is what I've heard.

Every full moon night, it's the same freakishly disturbing dream over and over again. It starts off in one place- the same place every time. The place is safe for the moment and I have a sense of belonging. After that, it escalates into a nightmare. Things go bad pretty quickly.

The worst part is waking up and thinking about it the whole day. The 'safe' place is what really irritates me. In my dream I have knowledge of where it is and what it means. I am familiar with it and know everyone who is there. But when I wake up, I have absolutely no idea where that place is. I have seen it before.

The logical part of me disagrees though. Dreams are supposed to be a culmination of thoughts and memories stored in the subconscious. They are…