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In the tall grass— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Do you dream of an escape from the city? A break from all the hustle and bustle? A vacation where you are surrounded by nothing but nature?
If you do, DO NOT go to a place where there are grass fields. You never know what is hiding in there, or if is a landing site for aliens or, if the grass is evil.
Yes, there is a new evil in town: grass.
In the Tall Grass, grabs your attention in the very first scene. You start to care about the characters, you're mystified by the happenings, and you genuinely want them to survive.
Unlike some thrillers which stretch the first act before coming to the good part of the story, this movie will have you in its clutches within ten minutes.
The movie begins with Becky and Cal driving to San Diego. Becky is pregnant and apparently, the father isn't in the picture which is why she's thinking of giving the baby up for adoption.
Can is the doting brother who is ready to do whatever it takes to make his sister happy.
They pass by old buildings, come to …