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  1. Just stumbled across this after watching Jackals and wanted to see other people's take on it. Nice blog. Keep up the good reviews, I will definitely be stopping back here to read some more... but let me suggest the horror movie Incident In A Ghostland if you are looking for your next review. I just watched it and I loved it. I did not see it on your list so I figured I would mention it. Something tells me it's right up your alley... I would be curious to read your take on it. Thanks again and have a good day.

    1. Thanks. I have watched it and loved it. Check it out here: https://darkhorrortales.blogspot.com/2018/08/incident-in-ghostland-my-take-on-movie.html

      I haven't updated my pages in a while. Will do that soon.

    2. High Tension... have you seen this one yet? I do not see a review on it, but I may be missing it. I am slowly working my way through your list and then reading your corresponding review. Two Pigeons is next on my list... never heard of it but saw it above and the trailer looks decent.

  2. No I haven't watched that. Will have to look for it.


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