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The Unspoken -- my take on the movie with spoilers!

Every horror movie ever made, has in some way or the other challenged our beliefs, fears and our very existence. Do we truly live after we die? That's a question that is perpetually asked and the answer is controversial: we either don't or we turn into ghosts, fixated to a very particular place that holds meaning to us. That place is usually a house. THE UNSPOKEN, is actually a very clever movie that incorporates elements of horror, thriller and crime into a very compelling tale. Though I must mention it does falter in the horror scenes where it uses the same old tired formula of startling background scores, creaking of furniture and doors opening and closing by themselves. These clichés almost put you off. Then the twist is revealed and suddenly you understand why these clichés were deliberately used. The film begins in 1997 where a policeman answers a distress call to a house. He encounters strange happenings in the blood smeared house. But what is even more strange, is that the family residing in that house has completely disappeared. Poof! No body, no trace of them anywhere. Cut to seventeen years later, Angela, a timid young woman, is hired to take care of a boy who hasn't spoken a word since his father died. The house where he lives is the infamous Briar house-the one showed in the very beginning. The house is avoided by all the locals and its bizarre history makes everyone nervous. All except for three rowdy guys who have their stash hidden in the basement. When they find out that the house has been occupied, they plot to retrieve their hidden stash, using Pandy- Angela's secret girlfriend. Things however don't go as planned. Pandy mysteriously disappears and it is up to the three goons to retrieve their stash, even if it means they have to kill all the occupants. While the three implement their nefarious plan, there is something strange going on in the house simultaneously. Nails float in air and pierce the ceiling, knives collect and fling at the door, chandeliers rock and threaten to fall. The three are no match for the supernatural forces in the house and are done away with it in the most gruesome manner. It is when Angela's father is attacked, that the secret is finally revealed. All the weird things going on in the house was executed by Adrian- the boy who was thought to be mute. My first thought was that he had telepathic powers and it was a sci-fi movie all along. Turns out, little Adrian is actually a being from anither dimension who needs to get his rage out of the way and stay in this dimension until he matures. Is he a ghost? A demon? Who knows. All we are told is that his kind come to this dimension to practice and people think that all these weird occurrences are hauntings. They fool people into believing in ghosts. Kind of evil, in my opinion. Anyway, towards the end, Angela is given a choice to join mother and son since "Adrian likes her". She declines this generous offer and we are made to imagine that the previous tenants had taken the offer in 1997. Angela is supposedly arrested and the evil duo, pack up and head to Amityville. To produce more "hauntings". All in all, I thought it was a good movie. Not scary, not an edge of the seat kind of thriller, but a very convincing mystery with a twist that was unimaginable.


  1. See I thought the first family were the same as adrian and his mother. There was a lady who ran out of the house in the beginning which is presumably the "new baby sitters mother" who eventually committed suicide because no one believed her. And, who was the guy who hung himself in the beginning?

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