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Barot House-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

At times, we believe we can do anything for our family.
Sure, there may be disagreements, arguments, insults hurled here and there...but at the end of the day, the only reason we attempt for reconcile is because in this whole scary big world, we have a few people who are our blood. And they have to be there for us, right?

Of course, it is important to what extent you disagree with a family member. If it is utterly impossible to see eye to eye, and every day with them makes you unhappy, then is it better to walk away or continue to compromise?

All of that depends on the individual situation.

Family is perhaps the most complicated relationship you can ever be in. You may not like each other, but hey, you have the same blood.

Barot House takes complicated family dynamics to a whole new level. Here, we have Amit, a husband with one son and three daughters, a wife whom he loves but suspects of infidelity, a mother, and a spoilt brother who has spent time in jail.

In the opening scene, we see the…

Mercy Black— My take on the movie with spoilers!

When you create a monster, do you also become one? I mean, you have the capacity to instill evil into something you have created, and even if you weren't someone who held bad intentions for anyone, after creating something nefarious, wouldn't you become your own creation? After all, you've spent so much time in your mind: conceiving, building, innovating. It takes a toll on your mind, breaking your sanity sometimes. Perhaps this is what happens to the three girls in Mercy Black. The story begins with scene flashes of two girls in the woods, screaming. Cut to fifteen years later, and Marina is being released from the mental rehab centre, although she isn't very keen to be out. Her sister comes pick her up and she has a young son. Her sister does whatever to protect her son from the real world. She tells him his father has gone on a mission, and her aunt was at art school. She's dating a weirdo called Will who is great with the son but has a weird fascination …