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Ruin Me— My take on the movie with spoilers!

As much as I enjoy watching horror movies, I have to wonder, would I like to participate in a horror-themed event and play a character in one of my favorite horror movies? At the amusement park, when you visit a haunted house, you sort of know it's all fake, and that you are in a protected environment. And most importantly, that it will end in a couple of minutes. You'll be back home in no time, so it is easy to dissociate yourself from the whole horror theme. Now, imagine participating in a slasher sleepover. You get your personal items taken away, your cellphones especially. You have a mask drawn over your head and taken to an unknown location.

Once there, you are given a set of puzzles to solve all the while some disturbing events keep occurring around you, designed to freak you out. Are you game? Alex, along with her boyfriend Nathan, go on a horror movie themed camping trip and meet another couple and two guys. After having their personal belongings taken, and kidnapped,…

Mercy Black— My take on the movie with spoilers!

When you create a monster, do you also become one? I mean, you have the capacity to instill evil into something you have created, and even if you weren't someone who held bad intentions for anyone, after creating something nefarious, wouldn't you become your own creation? After all, you've spent so much time in your mind: conceiving, building, innovating. It takes a toll on your mind, breaking your sanity sometimes. Perhaps this is what happens to the three girls in Mercy Black. The story begins with scene flashes of two girls in the woods, screaming. Cut to fifteen years later, and Marina is being released from the mental rehab centre, although she isn't very keen to be out. Her sister comes pick her up and she has a young son. Her sister does whatever to protect her son from the real world. She tells him his father has gone on a mission, and her aunt was at art school. She's dating a weirdo called Will who is great with the son but has a weird fascination …

Creepy Legends: The Elevator Killer

Elevators can be pretty creepy if you think about it. You are taken up several floors in a metal cage hoisted by cables. Imagine if the cable snaps. Imagine if there is a technical problem and the door doesn't close properly or the elevator arrives but without a floor. If you think about it a lot, you'll see the several flaws of getting into an elevator. Apart from the aforementioned issues, there are also issues of several people getting in at once. Doesn't help people with claustrophobia.
So yes, elevators are scary on their own and it's best not to think about plunging to your death if the metal cage malfunctions or the cables snap.

But here's a legend to give you the creeps. In Korea there is a story about a young woman who gets delayed at the University. When she heads back home, it is very late and there is no one around in the streets. She reaches her apartment building and no one is around on the ground floor. She gets into the elevator and just as the doo…