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Goodbye 2016

Goodbye 2016. You will not be missed

Not my day, not my week,  not my month and definitely not my year. 
2016 was something like that.  Each day brought on a new challenge and I am sorry to say,  not every obstacle was overcome. 
There were too many changes and all of them mentally exhausting. 
For a writer, being mind fatigued isn't the best thing in the world because that means that my ability to imaging  and create gets compromised. 
With great difficulty, the only thing I managed to work on was one story and that too, was overridden with mistakes. 
The only writing achievement I did accomplish was the publication of my horror novel- Forest of the Dark.
Written quite  some time ago, and after waiting to hear from a lot of publishers, I finally received a reply from the publisher I did want to work with -  solstice publishing. 
This is one horror story that I am extremely proud of because I managed to take on the challenge of writing multiple character arcs. 
The best part was researchin…

2016 best horror movies

While this year has been horrible, the horror movies that came out, have been a little decent if a little inept at providing adequate scares.
The Conjuring 2
This was one of the most awaited movies of the year. The sequel of the hit and terrifying movie The Conjuring, this was supposed to surpass all our expectations and deliver a horror story that would give us sleepless nights. Instead, what we got was an almost laughable first half and a confused second half. Save for the one scene with the nun, the rest of the movie was insipid and didn’t flow as smoothly as its predecessor. The only thing I appreciated in the movie is the idea that not all demon hauntings are real. Sometimes, it is the people who are haunted by their own inner demons. People who come from tragic backgrounds, often find themselves a victim of a mental disorder and not a demon. The movie asked a very important question: Are hauntings real or just a figment of an imagination of a very disturbed mind.

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil- my take on the movie (with spoilers!)

I think sometimes the reason I like Horror so much is because the things that are scarier than monsters under the bed, or demons hiding in the shadows, is the conflict we feel within ourselves. Our feelings can hurt us; actually break our hearts and destroy our lives.
The monsters under our bed, they’re probably not real. Even if they are, the harm they cause us won’t last as long as a broken heart does. One doesn’t really recover from a broken heart so readily. It can last days, months and sometimes even years.
It’s a torture that we inflict on ourselves because we cannot control who we feel for and who matters to us. When those feelings are not reciprocated, the hurt is far worse than any physical injury. It’s about living with gloom, the persistent ache in the chest, the feeling of despair that nothing could come close to what you felt for that person.
Heartbreak is the worst feeling in the world. The fear of falling for someone and ending up with such a suffering is far wo…

Tackling Writer's block

For days, I had this amazing idea to work on a story, but either something would impede my plans to write, or I would lack the inspiration to open up my laptop.

I had a basic idea but no beginning and definitely no ending. All I had was a character, flawed and about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Of course, like in every story she would learn to forgive herself. How I will be able to cope with the obstacles I'll write for her, I'll have to see, but finally...

Yes, finally I wrote the first chapter. There are two ways I can go with and I'll try to go down a path that is challenging but not complicated. Write what you know about, that is an advice I shall always heed.

Now I'm off to imagine and re-imagine my story. So excited!!