2016 best horror movies

While this year has been horrible, the horror movies that came out, have been a little decent if a little inept at providing adequate scares.

  1. The Conjuring 2

This was one of the most awaited movies of the year. The sequel of the hit and terrifying movie The Conjuring, this was supposed to surpass all our expectations and deliver a horror story that would give us sleepless nights. Instead, what we got was an almost laughable first half and a confused second half.
Save for the one scene with the nun, the rest of the movie was insipid and didn’t flow as smoothly as its predecessor.
The only thing I appreciated in the movie is the idea that not all demon hauntings are real. Sometimes, it is the people who are haunted by their own inner demons. People who come from tragic backgrounds, often find themselves a victim of a mental disorder and not a demon.
The movie asked a very important question: Are hauntings real or just a figment of an imagination of a very disturbed mind.

  1. Ouija: Origin of evil

One of the movies this year, that tried to scare was Ouija: Origin of Evil. The movie didn’t try to pull any tricks, didn’t have a twist to confuse and delight the audience. It was a simple horror movie about possession and teaches a very important lesson: Never play around with things you have no knowledge about.

In this case, do not play with an Ouija board or you, or someone you love, will be possessed.
This movie, however, did have some honest scares.

  1. Light’s Out
Monsters live in the dark. In the light, they disappear and give you the illusion that they do not exist. So: NEVER turn off the lights.

This movie did have a nice concept and the opening scene was terrifying. However, by the second half, the movie started to drag a bit. There was nothing new added to the concept of a monster lurking in the darkness. Who the monster is and why she’s doing it, that was another mystery that didn’t do much to add to the film.

  1. 1920 London

The third part in the series, 1920 London had pretty bad reviews and I was in two minds on whether or not to watch it. I’m actually glad I did watch it. Just goes to show, that one must never be biased while reading reviews. Form your own opinions!

The story is set in 1920 of course and some of the scenes were terrifying. The twist before the interval was actually surprising and I loved how the characters were not all goody-goody. The effects were decent as well. Of course, by the second half, the exorcism scene was added and that has always been cheesy to me.
Watch this movie for the terrific and creepy first half.

  1. The Boy

Now here’s an interesting concept. While it falters to the tired old story of someone living in your house without your knowledge, this part comes on much later. A creepy mannequin doll that everyone treats like a real living boy was actually a good concept.
I liked the realistic reactions of the nanny when she first finds out who her charge is going to be. A doll!
It is much later that she starts to believe the doll is haunting her and much, much later, she finds the frightening truth about the doll.
The Boy, was quite an interesting movie.

  1. The Witching

I usually don’t like watching anthologies. Especially when they claim to tie up all stories in a twist in the end. The Witching, however does true justice. The short stories are creepy and have a plot twist that is quite shocking.
The only complaint I would have is that the first few stories don’t have a proper ending to them. We are left with many questions and in a way, that also works somehow.
The ending scene may be a little haphazard, and the acting a bit cheesy, but all over, it was quite an enjoyable watch.

  1. The Autopsy of Jane Doe

I almost didn’t watch this one! The word ‘Autopsy’ was a huge turn off to me and I expected a movie where the story would succumb to gory images of the body being torn open.
Instead, it was one of the creepiest movies I saw this year. I was actually creeped out by a few scenes. The buildup wasn’t as slow as most high rated horror movies are. The story was engaging from the beginning to the end and I was at the edge of my seat as every secret about Jane Doe was gradually revealed.
I won’t be forgetting this movie anytime soon. It’s a horror movie, well done.

  1. Final Girl

This was another movie that took me by surprise. It may be more of a thriller, but some of the scenes that were actually the characters’ psychedelic hallucinations, were creepy. The acting was controlled and excellent and I have always loved a revenge movie.

  1. Intruders

You never know who your neighbors are. You never know that the people you see on a daily basis, can actually be a lot more than you expected. To say the very least, they may have an exterior of a bunny, but actually be a very cunning fox underneath their layers.
The Intruders is about a group of thieves infiltrating a house, not expecting that the owner, a timid girl, has a dangerous secret of her own. The thieves have met their match and have to fight to stay alive.
It was an interesting story, though when the secrets of our protagonist is revealed later on, we can’t help but feel disturbed by what horrifying things happen in our world.

  1. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

A classic zombie twist to a priceless classic piece of literature. Pride and Prejudice may have a lot of learning experiences for the characters, but in this clever twist, the women are not shy gentle creatures, but trained to fight zombies.
This creates an interesting complicated situation for the two heroes of the movie- Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.

Pride and Prejudice, is not all that they must overcome in this movie.  


  1. I like this list. Seen a couple but determined to check out 1920 London series for sure!


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