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The Ballerina--My Take on the Movie with Spoilers!

If you suffer from insomnia and are desperate for one night of gratifying sleep, watch The Ballerina.
The movie suffers from terrible lack of pace and in some scenes, the background music is so loud you have to lean closer to hear the dialogues. Of course, it's a movie so you can't expect the actors to repeat or speak louder over the atrocious music.
The Ballerina is pretty much a drama and not the one that keeps you captivated or rooting for the characters.
The character development is slow, uninteresting and you'll find yourself in the company of the most boring people you've ever come across.
The only reason I completed watching the movie was because I was in the mood to watch a movie. Several times during it, I considered turning it off and watching one of my favorite shows but I convinced myself that the movie would get better eventually.
It doesn't.
The first half struggles to hold your attention. The second half tests your nerves as it explains the story through a…

Where is Lara? -- Excerpt

Excerpt from my short story 'Where is Lara?'

“When was the last time you saw Miss Lara Robina?” “This morning. When she barged into my room to greet me the new day.” Ricky rolled his eyes. “And did she seem or behave differently?” Dan drew a squiggly line in his notepad as he waited for a reply. “No. Just her chirpy, annoying self. She did get me flowers. That was something new.” Ricky scratched his cheek. “As luck would have it, the flowers attracted a bee into my room.” “How unfortunate,” Dan said in a monotone and flipped closed his notepad. He turned to Delina. “Did she have visitors?” “No. She explained she needed a break from her hectic schedule so she came here. To get away from it all,” Delina replied. “No offense, ma’am, but there are better B&Bs in the vicinity. She could have gotten it away from all in a better lodge. So, why here?” Dan asked this more to himself. “Offense taken. Strongly!” Delina put one hand on her hip. “Perhaps she liked the service. Perhaps s…

Curious incident or a Haunting?

Ten years ago, my family and I moved into a new apartment. The building was brand new and it felt great to be surrounded by brand new fittings. Everything was clean and tidy. The walls were newly painted, the tiles sparkling. The windows didn’t have a speck on them.
A few days later, a dark handprint appeared on top of the window. There was no reason why it should be there. The building cleaners couldn’t have reached it until they used a ladder. And what for anyway?
After that, I noticed a handprint near my bed. And it was then that a strange cold feeling crept over me. I did try not to overthink it all too much, after all, I am a writer with an active imagination. My love for horror was obviously making me believe that the ghosts and demons in my stories were real.
I ignored what I felt for days. The dark, gloomy feeling that had taken over me, that sudden tightening in my chest whenever I walked down the small passage to my room, all of it was disregarded by my logical side of the b…

Stephanie--My take on the movie with spoilers!

The first few minutes of the movie is bound to give you a series of little heart attacks. We are quickly introduced to a small girl, roaming about a large house with her favorite stuffed toy- a turtle. She makes breakfast for herself, throwing in berries and whatever she can find into a blender. The next instant she looks above the cupboards and spots a jar of marmalade. She wants that too. She’s a sweet little girl so obviously, you worry about her when she lets the jar almost fall on her head. The jar does fall and shatters into a million pieces. Stephanie picks up a shard that has a large amount of marmalade on it and dumps it into the blender. The next instant, she’s licking the glass shard clean. When the blender gets stuck, she sticks her hand right in. A sound distracts her at the last second and she pulls her hand out before the blender starts working.
That’s the beauty of this film. It manages to make you fall in love with the little girl’s innocence and worry about her. Clea…

Something was very wrong--The Haunted Empath

“Take deep breaths and relax,” she said in a calm whisper. But it was she who couldn’t ease. The minute she had touched him, she had felt something—a deep inexplicable fear. She tried to push that feeling away, blaming it on her hormonal reaction toward him. Hedson was attractive and must have been even more so when he wasn’t sick. Plus, he was successful and had women running after him. He could have chosen more doctors, other forms of treatment, but he had come to her. In a way, seeing a self-made man come to her in a helpless state had made her feel like he needed her and not the other way around even though she was the one with financial problems. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “You’re not going to let go?” he asked, his voice trembling slightly. She replied without opening her eyes, “We have to sleep like this. Go on now. Sleep.” But for some reason, she was having trouble connecting with him. She pushed herself into the darkness of her mind, thinking about rain and waterf…

Winchester-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

Imagine being the person behind an ingenious invention only for it to be used for nefarious deeds.
There must be a reason why guns were first thought of and invented. Centuries from now, that very weapon is responsible for taking away thousands of lives and most of them innocent ones.
Winchester is a movie about the Winchesters, particularly Sarah Winchester- a widow who has inherited a company that brings in profits but also the burden of being responsible for the killings caused by the rifles.
We are at first introduced to a doctor who has chosen to abuse medication as an escape from his tragic past. He is always in the company of women, always high and resorts to cheap parlor tricks to impress everyone.
When he is called upon by a staff member of the Winchester company, the doctor doesn’t realize that it is Sarah herself who has employed him to evaluate her mental state.
Sarah lives with her niece and his son in a large house which grows day by day. As legend has it, she made sure …

Where is Lara?

Coming soon!

A collection of mystery tales that will keep you guessing until the very last page.

My short story 'Where is Lara?' is featured in this anthology.

The idyllic Farstone town is shrouded in mystery when a celebrity, Lara Robina, goes missing while staying at a B&B. Detective Dan Asher is put on the case and is soon perplexed by the only clue left behind-- an orange-haired doll that resembles Lara.
As the investigation progresses, Dan realizes he must consider all perspectives and find out what a high profile celebrity like Lara was doing in Farstone in the first place?


Find out how the mystery is solved when this anthology releases next month!

Dark Awakening-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

There are times when I have the urge to watch a movie to pass the time. I won’t even check the synopsis of it. As long as it is horror, I’ll watch it, because hey, horror movies always have a component in it that will either scare or mystify you. It will have a hook and transport you away from your mundane existence.
Of course, some horror movies are unintentionally funny and plain nonsensical. But I’d still watch that rather than a movie that takes a bleak look at how unfair life is.
Cutting to the chase, Dark Awakening was actually, surprisingly good. It did have some low points but that comes toward the end. Until the film takes a rather abrupt turn in the second part of the second half, the story does have some interesting moments and the actors too do a decent job.
Just goes to show that you don’t need big stars and crazy CGI budget to make a decent horror movie. You need a good story, a good director, and good actors. Had the ending been tweaked a little, this movie would have b…

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Blood is Blood-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

You must have heard the proverb: the family who prays together, stays together.
The family who plays together stays together.
Over the years, the proverb has been manipulated several times.
Basically, any family who does any task together is considered loyal and ideal.
Blood is Blood plays with the proverb a bit: a family who murders together, stays together.
Yes, we are introduced to a seemingly normal high society family who are about to welcome a woman into their family. She is about to marry Crew and already Brie, the sister has a problem. Daniel has an unhealthy obsession with Crew's fiancée Sara and Jess... She has another part to play in the story.
Brie is shown to have mental issues and at first, we are convinced she is predicting the future. The film intercuts with scenes from past to present and we learn Brie is possessive of her family, especially Jess who she has had visions of being murdered by a woman in a polka dress. Naturally, she believes it is Sara and gifts her an …

An Unintentional Prank-- Sinfully Stupid Seven

One of the scientists went over and handed them each a plastic folder. “You will all be given exam papers that you must complete within the stipulated time. Before that, you will be injected with a serum that will upgrade your intelligence. You have been granted these retests as a favor from the school board. Fail this, and you will be thrown out.”
 The scientist reached the back row where Lucy and Neil were seated and removed an aerosol can from his coat. He sprayed it all around them and started to walk when he stopped as he read the can. “Oops, this was a foot spray. Wait.” He patted his pockets, removing a pack of cigarettes and a small piece of cheese from his back pocket. “Wife hasn’t been checking my pockets before washing my clothes,” he grumbled. “Okay, here we go.” He sprayed the deodorant directly over Lucy and Neil and stuffed his belongings back into his pockets.

 “When do we begin?” Genio asked.


Genio immediately felt a stab of pain in his arm. He…