Something was very wrong--The Haunted Empath

“Take deep breaths and relax,” she said in a calm whisper.
But it was she who couldn’t ease. The minute she had touched him, she had felt something—a deep inexplicable fear. She tried to push that feeling away, blaming it on her hormonal reaction toward him.
Hedson was attractive and must have been even more so when he wasn’t sick. Plus, he was successful and had women running after him. He could have chosen more doctors, other forms of treatment, but he had come to her. In a way, seeing a self-made man come to her in a helpless state had made her feel like he needed her and not the other way around even though she was the one with financial problems.
She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.
“You’re not going to let go?” he asked, his voice trembling slightly.
She replied without opening her eyes, “We have to sleep like this. Go on now. Sleep.”
But for some reason, she was having trouble connecting with him. She pushed herself into the darkness of her mind, thinking about rain and waterfalls and green mountains, but nothing helped.
She imagined a field of colorful flowers. It was unnatural, but the thought started to help. She imagined green, blue, yellow and pink flowers, swaying in the wind. They were shaped like the flowers she would draw in kindergarten.
The connection to her childhood pulled her into the depths of her mind. She had been so happy then. The world had appeared to be safe when she was a kid.
A rumbling thunder and a crack of lightning in the mental picture she had been drawing struck her senses.
She felt cold, as if she was being hit by a blast of air conditioner. The baby blue skies turned dark purple. Heavy clouds descended until they were almost touching her pretty kid-drawn flowers.
The wind grew stronger. Jadeline was having trouble standing in one place.
Panic rose in her chest when she saw the flowers being ripped from their stems.
Something was wrong. Very wrong.


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