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Don't Blink- My take

Don't blink! Don't! On second thoughts, shut your eyes and go to sleep.  This is one of those movies which reminds me of one of the titles of Shakespeare's plays- Much Ado about Nothing.  The story is this- a group of friends embark on a trip to a lodge. Some of the characters hVe a history with each other and secrets, but this is never explored in the movie. The characters remain as one dimensional as they can.  Here's the only interesting part in the movie- when the friends arrive they find the lodge abandoned. In fact it's pretty much a ghost town where they are. No birds, insects or animals and definitely no humans.  The friends are dumbstruck but decide to stay anyway because all of their cars have run out of gas. Yes, none of them thought to carry petrol canisters on a road trip to nowhere.  Two of the friends decide that the lack of life in this lodge is too bizarre and decides to leave, but is stopped by the apparent leader of the group who rationalizes that it …

The Reluctant Vacationer

There’s nothing like going on vacation, clearing your head, doing tons of reading and surrounding yourself by inspirational scenery. That’s what a vacation should be for a writer- to relax the mind and rejuvenate and replenish the creative juices. My vacation came at a time when I had just gotten my new ebook ‘Aadita’ published and while I was working on the thrilling climax of my “all-out” horror story. I told myself to finish the horror story right before the start of the holiday and pushed myself to work on a chapter every day. I also succeeded in disciplining myself and then right before I was to depart, my mind shut down because I had exhausted myself. I still hoped that I would continue my strict regimen of writing every day, but the second I stepped into another country, my brain shut down the part that would help me speak coherent sentences. For days I struggled with talking normally. Was it jetlag? Probably! I’m guessing it also had a lot to do with me forcing myself to wr…