Don't Blink- My take

Don't blink! Don't! On second thoughts, shut your eyes and go to sleep. 
This is one of those movies which reminds me of one of the titles of Shakespeare's plays- Much Ado about Nothing. 
The story is this- a group of friends embark on a trip to a lodge. Some of the characters hVe a history with each other and secrets, but this is never explored in the movie. The characters remain as one dimensional as they can. 
Here's the only interesting part in the movie- when the friends arrive they find the lodge abandoned. In fact it's pretty much a ghost town where they are. No birds, insects or animals and definitely no humans. 
The friends are dumbstruck but decide to stay anyway because all of their cars have run out of gas. Yes, none of them thought to carry petrol canisters on a road trip to nowhere. 
Two of the friends decide that the lack of life in this lodge is too bizarre and decides to leave, but is stopped by the apparent leader of the group who rationalizes that it would be better to stay where there is food and water rather than be stranded in the middle of the road- since they only have a culmination of that much gas. 
Logic fail! Clearly it's better to stay in a lodge where there is a potential killer on the loose rather than away from this creepy place? 
Anyway, the friends stay and start disappearing one by one. A boyfriend loses his pregnant girlfriend and immediately hits on his friend. He must really love her, NOT! 
Toward the end, only two friends remain and decide that they shouldn't blink or else they too will be taken away. And then in the last scene, everyone disappears. Why? No one will ever know. 
Now here's the thing: when did the characters decide that blinking was what was causing the friends to disappear. So was no one blinking at all in the movie? 
In a blink of an eye, everyone was disappearing without warning, yet someone found the time to leave messages in blood- 'help me' and 'don't blink'. The strange part was why leave those messages under the sink and on a single bedroom mirror? Why not write on the front door of the lodge: GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!
That would work. 
Also in the end, when the girl thinks she's safe because the police and ambulance have come, why do they all disappear at once? Everyone blinked at the same time? 
Let's just say that by the time the movie ended I was rolling my eyes a lot and yes, blinking- a LOT! 


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