The Snare-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

In high school the one essay question that perplexed all students was writing a story about survival. I pride myself in stating that I was the only one who got it right in my exams. Writing about surviving in a jungle was a challenge to me. I thought out of the box, put myself in the place of my characters and pretended I had none of the amenities that I'm so depended on now. It was a little easier then, because I wasn't allowed to have a mobile at that age. Now, I can't imagine not having the comforting feel of my cell phone in my pocket. Whike watching The Snare, I was reminded of all this, solely because I felt that the characters simply didn't push their boundaries enough. They just gave up and readied themselves to die. The story begins with three people going away on a weekend out to stay in an apartment that is on the top floor of an unoccupied building apparently. The couple are unbearable, the protagonist, dangerously delusional. What happens next is, the trio are trapped upstairs. Soon, they run out of water and all the food they bought starts to spoil. One by one, they all start to go crazy, probably due to starvation and dehydration. The protagonist Alice, starts to go crazy and is haunted by crazy and gruesome dreams. There is a lot of unnecessary gory scenes that want to make you retch. The unbelievable part is, that among all of them, only the guy seems intent on trying to escape. The girls, are just lying down, waiting for death. Seemed a little sexist.... The guy, for some reason easily abandons his plans to build a makeshift rope. There were so many curtains around the house, bedsheets even, but none of them are apparently that desperate to escape. Oh, and the phones are conveniently not working. There is a drawer of knives, but they don't want to even try to pry the staircase door open. Perhaps they could have used the fire alarm to their advantage, but they couldn't care less to even brainstorm together. They are content with eating raw pasta and maggot ridden chicken. Eventually the guy becomes frustrated and tries to force himself on the girls who finally work together and strangle him. Then the obvious and disgustingly predictable scene happens where they feed on him. I was already nauseous after watching the food poisoning scene and decided to fast forward through it. The movie ends with the girl killing off her friend and then walking away from the building after she submits to the ghosts. Of course, she doesn't want to be prosecuted for killing two people so, uses the microwave to start a fire. In the end, she just gives up on herself and goes back home where she continues to be abused. None of it makes sense. Did 'submit' mean letting herself continue to be abused? Or give in to her delusions and possible inert violent behaviour? Avoid this confusing and disgusting movie that just doesn't try hard enough to be believable at all.


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