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Author's Note

I'm a writer and therefore, the itch to write is persistent. My fingers long to dance over the keyboard and form words that create meaningful sentences. My mind is frustrated when I have a story to write but my body aches from fatigue.
So what should I have done in the past few months?
Sometimes, it feels just fine to sit and do nothing but observe the world around. Watching people go about their daily lives, seeing how troubled they are, what joy they procure from the simplest things- all these are just fodder for the imagination so that it can run and create.
Then there are times, when it isn't the body that aches, but the mind that tires. There is so much going on, so many problems to deal with. There is that consuming anguish that overwhelms and defeats. Those times, giving up on your dreams is not even a question. It is something that though supports and nurtures the mind, can easily be given away.
It is those trying times when a choice is to be made and the answ…