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The Snare-- My take on the movie with spoilers!

In high school the one essay question that perplexed all students was writing a story about survival. I pride myself in stating that I was the only one who got it right in my exams. Writing about surviving in a jungle was a challenge to me. I thought out of the box, put myself in the place of my characters and pretended I had none of the amenities that I'm so depended on now. It was a little easier then, because I wasn't allowed to have a mobile at that age. Now, I can't imagine not having the comforting feel of my cell phone in my pocket. Whike watching The Snare, I was reminded of all this, solely because I felt that the characters simply didn't push their boundaries enough. They just gave up and readied themselves to die. The story begins with three people going away on a weekend out to stay in an apartment that is on the top floor of an unoccupied building apparently. The couple are unbearable, the protagonist, dangerously delusional. What happens next is, the trio…