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The Tall Man (my take on the movie with spoilers)

How do you define a good person? They do kind things, help the needy, keep secrets and never betray those who are close to them. How do you define a bad person? They betray you in the worst possible way. They physically and emotionally hurt people and show little regard for the people around them or their dire circumstances.
In movies and books, villains and heroes are carefully and easily identified by the audience. In a visual medium, their introduction is accompanied by an appropriate background score- something peppy for the hero and something ominous for the villain.  The villain bears dark outfits and ugly smirks and overdramatized by giving them an unusual costume and appearance- bald heads, mustaches, dark hair with curls… Our hero on the other hand is usually a simpleton and wears bright clothes. So okay, we’ve established that good means colorful clothes and smiles while evil means brooding and chilling grins and dark attires. In books, the contents villain is easily identi…