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Exclusive Chapter from Forest of the Dark

From Chapter Four of Forest of the Dark

The only thing Maya had always cared for was the approval of her mother. When she was barely six, her father had left home. She still remembered that fateful night. She had been in bed, cuddling her favorite doll, when the screaming had begun. Her father had used a word to describe her mother that her young mind had been unable to comprehend. Then the door had slammed and she had heard her mother sobbing loudly. Maya had not wanted to move from her bed. Clutching her doll in her arms she waited for the sun to rise, after which she crept out of her room to find her mother smoking in the balcony. “You’re up already?” she had asked between puffs. Her mother’s eyes were red and swollen and the ashtray by her elbow had ten cigarette butts in it already. Her mother had put out the cigarette and gone into the kitchen to make breakfast. Maya wanted to ask about her father, but was afraid of the answer. Two days later, after she had finished drinking her…

Exclusive excerpt from Eternal Secrets

From Chapter Five of 'ETERNAL SECRETS'
Rayne was making her sit on a wooden bench, but Divania was hardly aware of it. He was talking to her in a smooth calm manner, but she couldn't bring herself to pay attention to his words. The lights were too bright and hurting her eyes. The back of her head throbbed, and she felt a painful tightening sensation behind her eyes. Her mouth was dry and her throat was parched. Her skin felt prickly and strange to her. When a drop of icy cold rain fell on her arm, she could only stare at it, open-mouthed. "It's starting to rain," Rayne said and then gently touched her arm. "You're freezing." He removed his coat and put it over her shoulders. He was talking to her again, but all her thoughts were concentrated on Saul. He knew who she was and he was alive to tell anyone. She was being pulled up to her feet, but she took no notice of it. Her eyes looked ahead at the tower where no doubt the criminals were kept impris…

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Gorenos- My take on the movie with spoilers!

At first glance, Gorenos appears to be a satire of slasher movies. The opening scene has two friends watching a horror movie, discussing the plot holes and dishing out opinions on how modern movies could be a lot better.
Doesn’t everyone think that nowadays? Yes, most horror movies suffer from a really seedy plot, cliched jump scares and atrocious characters you don’t care about at all. In fact, slasher movies are personally something I avoid, only because the characters are so mean and superficial, I end up not sympathizing with them at all.
As the two characters in the movie point out- creating believable and likable characters are vital for slasher movies to actually work.
Gorenos is a mixture of slasher and paranormal. There is a demon haunting Miles, but we are never shown even a shadow of what Gorenos looks like. He’s just a demon that appears when a deal is made.
Basically, Miles is about to turn eighteen and suddenly, inexplicable things begin to happen. And right be…

Meet the Characters from 'Forest of the Dark'

Meet the Characters! 

Aksh, the guilt-ridden doctor: 

Dhiraj, the daring athlete: 

Preeti, the jilted lover: 

Rudra, the romantic photographer: 

Maya, a compassionate reporter: 

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Meet the Characters: Rudra from Forest of the Dark

Meet Rudra from Forest of the Dark: A photographer, a loyal friend, a man who would do anything to get the love of his life. Even if it means making a dangerous deal.

Read his story:

Meet the Characters: Aksh from Forest of the Dark

Read his story:

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