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In the dark...

All That is Left 

A girl suffering from PTSD tries to find closure. The only way—revenge.

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Forest of the Dark 

Five friends pay the ultimate price when one of them commits a sin.

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Rage House

A girl moves into a haunted house with her family. The real horror, however, is when she discovers her best friend's intentions for her.

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Blaze: A Team Omega Thriller

A scream for help…
Flames racing to devastate homes and forests…

Elementals rise up and assist in putting out the fires…
Voices cry out in fear and panic. Evacuations are threatened by out of control wildfires. Forest fires explode into existence throughout the Golden State. Flames scorch hopes and dreams. Citizens perish. Homes vanish under the fiery onslaught. All hope seems lost…
Into this maelstrom, a group of men and women work to control the wildfires and find a cause. They don’t quit, they don’t back down, they seek an end to the destruction. Despite their best efforts, they are stymied by a faction of their organization. These people are willing to do anything at all, even cause panic and disaster, in order to be acknowledged as the best in their field.
These aren’t ordinary people. They’re gifted with powers to control the elements of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. But they are divided, which weakens them when they need to be their strongest.

Can these heroes stop a disaster?
Get the…

Horror reads for the holidays!

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Free Ebook-- Forest of the Dark

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Spine-Chilling stories

These books and more! 
Get ready for a thrilling ride. Don't forget to keep the lights on. 
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No one can hear you...


The path through the forest was endless and the further Preeti looked, the more she felt discouraged. There were trees, hedges, ferns and rocks. Apart from that, there were no sounds to be heard except the weighing silence. Rudra was walking a few steps ahead from her, apparently lost in his own thoughts. He had left behind quite a few trees unmarked and she had to make up for his absent-mindedness. She picked up a rock and started chipping away at the bark. A little dust flew out, but she had barely caused a dent in the wood. She sighed, feeling defeated and then her eyes fell on a vine lying by her feet. She picked it up and tugged, feeling the tautness of the green vine. She tied the vine around the trunk and pushed the rock under it. This would be her sign that they had passed this way. She saw a few more vines lying on the ground and bent over to gather them. Rudra kept walking, oblivious to her activities and when she looked up, she felt fear dawn on her when she saw how…

Cupid's Arrow Vol. 2: Break the Spell

Check out my story BREAK THE SPELL in this love-themed anthology!

Break the Spell by Palvi Sharma 

Pia Scribbers just had her dreams turn into reality. Her screenplay is being made into a movie. And she gets to act in it! Once filming begins, however, Pia realizes nothing is easy and to top it all, her co-star Aryan Malik hates her.
Little by little, Pia learns the ways of the film industry and is spellbound by it. But when she starts falling for Aryan, she realizes she needs to fall back into reality and break the spell that has caused these feelings to surface.
Read this story and others. 
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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Vol. 6-- THE HAUNTED EMPATH

Her powers were about to lead her to her doom. A terrifying tale coming this Halloween! 

Published by Solstice Publishing  Available on Amazon  

What happened to Tina?

Find out what happens to Tina here

News about Aadita

My novel 'Aadita' now has a brand new cover and is available on paperback as well!

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Happy Halloween!!!

Celebrate Halloween by reading my new short story 'Incandescence' for free!!!

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Also, two of my horror novels are available on paperback.

1) The Ensnared

2) Forest of the Dark 

Forest of the Dark - Chapter Three

Chapter Three

From the very beginning, Dhiraj was used to a strict regime set by his authoritarian parents. He was to wake up at five in the morning and made to take a lap around the whole garden ten times, after which his Father would make him do cardio exercises for half an hour followed by a healthy breakfast of fruits and milk. Only then, he would be sent off to school.

In the weekends his parents would take him to a multi-sport club, where he would be exposed to various games. His parents were both tennis players and wished for their son to master any that would take him to the world championships.

Dhiraj never knew if he ever wanted to be someone else. He tried tennis, hoping he would be a natural at it like his parents, but somehow his skills felt lacking. He tried football and basketball, but nothing drew his interest until one day he played badminton in school. He took an instant liking to it and when he told his parents they seemed a tad disappointed but also relieved that …

Forest of the Dark- Chapter Two from my new horror novel!

Chapter Two

As they left the city and headed to the highway, Preeti gazed out the window, staring at the night sky, lost in her thoughts of her failed relationship. It was only after a drop of rain hit the window that she snapped out of her reverie and realized that no one in the car had spoken a word.

Aksh was driving and he had propped up one elbow against the window and clutching his forehead. For someone who had just achieved his dreams, Aksh appeared withdrawn and tense. Rudra was sitting beside him and he was glued to his phone. No doubt his girlfriend was texting him.

Preeti felt a twinge of jealousy and dismissed it immediately. She had no right to be jealous of someone else’s relationship just because hers had failed. In fact, she dreaded revealing her breakup to Rudra who would be amused since she had rejected him in college.

She felt Maya’s hand clutch hers and she looked at her friend.

“Are you okay?” she asked in a low tone, intended only for her ears.

Preeti nodded, mak…

Forest of the Dark- Promo #2

Forest of the Dark- A clue from my book

Forest of the Dark- Introduction

The scariest book I've written so far! 

While on a road trip, five friends get in an accident only to wake up in a strange forest separated from each other. When they each encounter the creatures that inhabit the forest, they realize they must face their fears in order to find each other and survive the terrors. The only problem is, they are running out of time… Check out my book HERE

New Release!!- Forest of the Dark

Here it is!!!! My new novel is here!

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The House on Pine Street- my take on the movie with spoilers!

Truth be told, there hasn’t been a horror movie in quite some time that has the capacity to shake your emotions and make you start seeing things a little differently. The dawn of realization, an epiphany, of your own self and what you thought to be justified, can suddenly be twisted and torn, revealing the dark truth that you never thought could be possible.

How many times have we let our bad experiences affect our lives? How many times have we given ourselves the permission to be angry at things that have been so unfair to us?
I mean, all of us, at one point or another, have experienced our dreams being shattered. We thought we could remain resentful about it. If you’re angry, you should just be allowed to be, right?
The hatred we carry in our hearts towards people who have misused us, it is akin to poison. Sometimes, it isn’t easy letting go of anger, resentment and hatred because the people in question who have put you in that position where you have to feel a myriad of emotion…

Happy New Year!

Awakened One Night

After waking up in a graveyard with amnesia, Kara must try to piece together her life with the help of her sister. Leena is her only link to her past and the only one who knows what happened, so why is she being so mysterious?
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Club Lighthouse Publishing 
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