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If it is meant to be...

Apostle— My take on the movie with spoilers!

Often situations arise which question the morality if people involved.
Supposing you encounter an injustice happening to someone, do you prefer the role of an impassive bystander or an enraged participant?
Of course, if you do get involved, there is a risk involved with facing the brunt of the consequences. The attacker will come after you and hurt you.
Such is the dilemma raised in Apostle.
The story is about a man, braving rough seas and dangerous people to search for his sister who was taken by a group of islanders.
The islanders in questions are members of a cult who have disavowed known religion in favor of the bizarre belief of a woman of the island.
The three men who have spread this belief state that after they rejected tye gods, they were imprisoned. After escaping prison in a boat, they claim to lose their lives if it wasn't the statue of a woman erected on the shores of the island known as Erisden.
Now whether or not they have revealed to the islanders that they have chained t…

All That is Left finishes in the top 10!

An exciting development for me.

 My new thriller novel ALL THAT IS LEFT came in 5th in the Critters Readers Poll!

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Monster Party - - My take on the movie with spoilers!

At first glance, the poster for Monster Party seems innocuous. Bright blue skies, a woman in a red dress, a man in a suit, a fancy car... Then you notice the blood splattered on the white shirt of the man standing next to the woman, and you notice the subdued emotion of the other woman in the background.
But this is merely a tame depiction of the theme of the movie.
Something dangerous is going to happen the minute the first scene sets in.
The mother is cutting vegetables, the father has gotten out of bed in his slippers, the son is working out, the daughter, is walking outside when she notices something that shocks her.
We will never know what she must have seen.
In the next scene, we are introduced to three people: Dodge, Iris and Casper. They head over to a house, and while Dodge and Casper break into it and the safe, Iris stands out as lookout and feigns to be an advocate for rainforest preservation.
When the family arrives, Iris stalls them by pretending to ask for donations whil…

Happy New Year 2019

ALL THAT IS LEFT There was something familiar about her...Seven years ago, Aaron's girlfriend Misha disappeared.
He moves to another town, hoping a new start will help relieve the guilt he has for cheating on her. A new girlfriend, a new job as a teaching assistant, Aaron thinks he can finally forget his hurtful past.Then he comes across Rhea Darkin, a student in his class, and is perplexed with his feelings for her.Rhea has an agenda of her own. She's come to Vilmonte College for only one purpose: to find the people responsible for her tortured past.Because after what they did to her,All that is left for her … is revenge.Get the book from AMAZONRAGE HOUSEThere was something about the way Neil looked at her that made Alisha feel nervous. He was supposed to be her best friend, nothing more. 
One night, he decides he wants more than friendship from her. Alisha thinks she's all alone in the house with him. But there's something under her bed, awakening, crying, screaming...…